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A Happy Moments Filled With Lies

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1 year ago

Good Evening!

Since I don't anything to publish, I came up with a story.

Hope you'll find time to read up to the end.

Enjoy Reading!


We knew each other for so many years.

And for those years, we shared so many memories.

Your hands, arms, and shoulder that always open for happy and sad moments.

Your hands that always pulled me up when I stumble and fall.

Your arms that embraces me when I am happy and feeling down.

And most especially, your shoulders that always ready to lend when tears started to fall.

You were my bestfriend.

And for so long you never left me alone.

When I needed you, you always run to me.

You were such a reliable and trusted person and I treasure you the most.

Everytime that we are together, you always looked out and take care of me,

It always me first before yourself.

And that's the reason I called you first when something important happened or when I felt at lost.

You were always at my back, supporting and encouraging me.

You are like an angel who brings luck and happiness to me.

Then one day, you said to me, "I need to go somewhere. Take care!" with a warm embrace and a smile on your face and bid your goodbye to me while waving your hand.

Days passed, weeks and months, I never heard a single word from you. I get mad because you never called or text me. I thought you forgot me and found another bestfriend in the place you visited.

My birthday came, and I am waiting for you, because I know you'll come with a gift on your hand, but didn't appear. I am mad. Didn't enjoy the day. I went to my room and cover myself with the blanket and really agitated. Suddenly, phone beeps... its a message coming from you.

"Happy Birthday!"

Mixed emotions is what I felt. I am happy because you never forget my birthday, but at the same time I am mad, because for month that we were apart, thats the first time you get in touched.

I replied to you and ask when will you come back, but I got no replied. And so I slept with my phone on my hand.

The next morning, I went to park, walking and enjoying the sunlight. I bumped into one of our friend and said something that broke my heart into pieces.

"Aren't you going to see him? Its his last night today? "

I am puzzled and confused. I ran as fast as I could and went to your house, and there I saw people wearing white.

I slowly walked, and every steps I made my heart becomes heavy. I don't know when my tears started to fall. Your mother suddenly appeared. Without words she started to pat my back. I saw you, dazzling with your white tux while lying on a beautiful bed that made only for you.

Your mother started to speak, "I am sorry. He told us not to inform you. " and gave me a letter and left me infront of you.

I can't find a words to say. I was standing and crying nonstop.

The day has come to bid farewell to you and until this day I can't speak and just crying.

When I went back home, I went straight to my room and continue crying in my pillow. I suddenly remember the letter your mother gave to me. With tears on my face, I started to read it.

To you, My friend,


I won't ask you if you okay 'cause I know you do. You are the toughest person I ever met.

Anyway, since you are reading this letter, I am sure you know that I am gone. That I will never come back.

I don't know were to start but allow me to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry because I didn't tell you. You know how much special you are to me. We know each other for so long. I know your attitude and behavior. I know you hate eating spicy foods. Your afraid insects. Everytime you saw a cockroaches you jumped automatically and shout at the top of your lungs. You love eating ice cream especially when you are stressed in something. I know when you are happy. I know when you are sad and I know when you are in pain. I think I can say that I know everything about you. And know I am hundred percent sure that you are crying while reading this. So please stop.

That's the reason why I don't want you to know anout this. You are such a crying lady.

I've been in pain for so long. I get easily tired that causes me to breathe hardly.

I don't want you to worry about me, so kept it to you. Everytime I see you smile and happy I get energized and forget the pain I felt.

But truly, body doesn't lie...

I want to stay by you side forever. See you achieve your dreams. As much as I want to be with you, this disease won't allow me. My body slowly gives in, until I can no longer move.

I am sorry. Hope you'll find happiness even I am longer at your side.

Please be happy. That's all I want.

From your loving friend

For so many years his been by my side, I didn't know he's in pain. Am I too insensitive? Or to focus with my own self? Why didn't I notice it too soon?

I don't know what to do, I just hold on to that letter until I fall asleep with tears on my face.

I guess this is really the end of our story.

Goodbye my friend.

I will find that happiness, even if its hard, and your not by my side.

Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to My Dear Friend @esciisc for the banner!

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Written by   181
1 year ago
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Hmmm wonderful article. Keep writing

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1 year ago

Yay! Ang cute pala 😍😍😍 haha

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1 year ago

Syempre gawa mo.

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1 year ago