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Stepping Into The Exciting World Of Splinterlands

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3 months ago

Stepping Into The Exciting World Of Splinterlands

October 5

I have been reading about Splinterlands for weeks. I tried to ignore it. But then, more than a week ago, @PVMihalache posted another article about Splinterlands: I was intrigued... no! It's more than that... for I found my cursor on top of his referral link. Then Boom!

I was sucked into the exciting world of Splinterlands!

Screenshot of the Splinterlands Dashboard with modification

Hello, readers and fellow Splinters. I joined Splinterlands a week ago. At the time of writing, I'm still trying to understand the game deeper. Nevertheless, as early as now, I can already say that the game is quite addictive. Consider that statement as a warning.

In this post, I will share with you the following.

What is Splinterlands? -This is for those who don't know the game yet.

  • Exploring the game

  • Practicing The Game

  • Explore the Cards

  • The Spellbook


The following is based on my experience and understanding of the game and from the information that I have read about the game. (See the references below). Some information may be inaccurate, and I would welcome any corrections.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn game fueled by blockchain technology. The concept of the game is similar to the table-top card game (and now also available online) Magic: The Gathering. If you have played that game before, then probably you will learn how to play this game faster.

Screenshot of Magic: The Gathering Website


The concept of the game is, in each battle, you can create a "Team" from your set of cards to fight the enemy. The number of cards you can use is limited by the maximum manna allowed for that battle. Different cards have different skillsets and abilities and manna costs. If you win enough battles, you get promoted to the next level or league and earn some treasure chests

Exploring the Game.

I started with the tutorial. Maybe it was good enough to know the general idea of how the game is played, but it did not say a lot about the stats and abilities of the cards. So I explored further the FAQs. If you are exploring the game, I suggest you do it using a desktop or a laptop. There are some pages in that are more accessible on the desktop than on the mobile device.

Practicing The Game

Before you buy your spellbook, I believe it is best to explore the game first. Start with the tutorial. It will guide you through your first practice battle.

From the tutorial, you will get familiar with the initial Battle Screen which shows your opponent's rules and other information about your next battle.

Then you will be guided in creating your team for the first time.

After creating your team, you will be witnessing your first battle... which is rigged for you to win.

Explore the Cards.

Before you go to our first ranked battle, or even buying your Spellbook, I suggest you get familiar with the cards. Familiarize yourself with the different elements, splinters, and monsters. Learn more about the different stats and abilities of the monsters.

There are so many base cards though. These base cards are free to use but have low abilities. But if you get familiar with them and could create a good team, they are enough to get you at least to the next league, which is Bronze III.

Then try some practice battles, to get the feel of the game, and how the abilities of the Splinters (summoners) affect the team, and how they stand against different types of opponents.

With so many options to choose from, get yourself familiar with the different summoners then select which would you prefer.

In every battle, observe your opponent's team. Learn their combination, especially if you lose.

My Mistake

When I started playing the game, I used my phone. Thus, it was quite difficult for me to explore the cards, especially the abilities of the monsters. I went on playing the practice games without even understanding the statistics on each card. Then went on the ranked Battles. My first battle was... as expected... I lost. In the second battle, I won... I guess that was by default.

I kept playing anyway. Observing how the monsters are doing and picking some favorites along the way. I kept playing without fully understanding what I was doing. That was my mistake. The result was 5 wins out of 22 games.

The Summoner's Spellbook

I don't have a spellbook yet. The Summoner's spellbook is needed to unlock a lot of earning opportunities and other features of the game like daily quests, earning Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), buy, trade and manage your digital assets.

It only costs $10. A very small investment. You can use your PayPal or cryptocurrency to buy one. I wanted to use my earnings in Brave browser on my old phone. It's been months since I last saw it. But when I checked it the other day, my BAT earning was zero. I tried logging into my Uphold account. To my dismay, I found out that Uphold is no longer available in the Philippines. I wonder why.

I have some BCH left in my wallet, by I already have planned where to spend them. Spliterlands is not part of that plan. I guess I will find some other ways.

The Bronze League

Even without the spellbook though, I kept on playing. At the time of writing, my status is 12 wins out of 35 battles. With 4 winning streaks. Good enough to push me up from the Novice League to the Bronze III League

Final Thoughts

Splinterlands may not be heavy on graphics like the more popular multiplayer role-playing games like the Mobile Legends and the likes. But it's an entertaining game and very much rewarding... quite literally. The rewards are convertible to cryptocurrencies which you can later use.

If you want to join me in Splinterlands, here is my referral link:

See you there.

Thanks for reading.

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Good introductory post about Splinterlands. You should check your signature links. P0x link doesn't sent me to your profile and the twitter goes to a ReadCash article

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hmm... I checked it and there was nothing wrong with the link... This is what's in that link: Must be a glitch or something

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Maybe my phone was playing up. Was sending me to other things

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Thanks. And thanks for info about the wrong link. I will edit that

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Nag create ako acct jan. Pro bro ko naglalaro haha

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Haha. At least me pilot ka. Hehe

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Ayos. Goodluck, kuya and have fun!

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