Setting My Eyes on The Price to Keep Me Going.

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November 16

Tuesday, 7:16 PM. I have to say, I'm on a roll this month. I wrote 14 articles in 15 days. A feat that I have never done before ever since I started writing to earn. I must give credit to the man who inspired me to write an article each day. He doesn't know it yet. But he mentioned his "one-article-per-day self-challenge" in one of his articles. And that challenge rubbed into me. He is no other than the mad Scotsman (but I believe he is at least half-Pinoy by heart), @TengoLoTodo. Yes, sir, I owe this daily writing streak to you!

Greetings once again, wonderful readers! I admit writing 14 articles in 15 days is not easy. In fact, there were a couple of times that I don't want to write anything for a day. But I need to stay away from my comfort zone. I need to keep going. Not that I am not taking any rest. I still sleep around 10 PM. If I can't finish an article that night, I would do it in the morning. I normally start my day at 4:15.

Keeping My Eyes on The Price

As I have mentioned in my previous post, going outside my comfort zone has its rewards. I earned half of my monthly goal in the first 15 days. Well... I earned a little more. Frankly speaking, when I set that goal, I thought it was a little high for me. But you know what they say, you have to aim high. So, I think I will aim a little higher for the rest of the month. And I need to work on my earnings in as well.

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It's not easy. Sometimes, it's draining. I can't control what will happen every minute of the day. I'm not a robot that will follow everything to the letter that has been programmed to me. But I have to keep my eyes on my goals. I have to keep my eyes on the price. And I need to keep on looking for new ways to help me achieve my goals. (I will keep the details of my goals to myself for now though)

Where should I focus for the rest of the month?

I can't control nor predict how much I could exactly earn here, but the least I could do is to continue writing every day. Use social media to promote my posts. Though I'm not exactly sure of their impact on my earnings. So I thought I should find ways to make my savings grow passively. And I have to grab this opportunity that the price of BCH is slightly dropping. So for the rest of this week, these are the things that I should focus on.

Image Source Unsplash
  • Learn how to earn passive income through smartBCH. The question is, how?

  • Learn other ways to earn BCH. I read about and other platforms. I think I can use them to earn some tips for my artwork.

There are other things that I wanted to do, but I am scheduled to have my second shot of the vaccine on Thursday, I don't know how my body would react.

But if things go well, my personal website has long been delayed. I want to launch it this week. I also want to find out how to receive BCH tips on a WordPress site using a plugin.

I should also go back to my digital illustrations. I haven't joined any of Artpark's DTIYS challenges for a while. But I'm working on several works. And here is one of them. Do you recognise the character?

WIP using Medibang Paint

Final thoughts.

I'm happy with my achievement in the first 15 days. I'm happy with my earnings, but they are just a fraction of my long-term goals. I'm happy that I could spend some quality time with my sons every day. But as the legendary Bruce Lee said:

"Be happy, but never satisfied"

Yes, I am happy, but it doesn't mean I should stop trying to grow more.

So for the rest of this week, I would focus on learning how to grow my earnings and start investing as soon as possible

Hopefully, by the end of the month, I could earn more than I originally planned for.

Surely, I get tired. I'm not Superman. But keeping my eyes on the price keeps me going.

Thanks for reading.

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You are doing fantastic John, I am chuffed I helped push you to write without knowing it. My best way to get passive income from smartBCH is to farm smart tokens. It is great. Earnings we just don't know what you-know-who will give us if and when he visits.

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1 year ago

I have a set of goals in life. Some of it is already achieved but I will not stop there. I know my set of goals is endless but I have to strive hard to achieve some of those.

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1 year ago

Setting goals is a really important thing to learn, we have to work towards the goal set, if not, we won't have any direction as to what we want to achieve

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1 year ago

Great writer of note. You are wonderful. Keep going the Lord is your strength

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1 year ago