Making The Best Out of Read.Cash Sans Rusty

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Making The Best Out of Read.Cash Sans Rusty

January 9, 2023

Even with Rusty gone, I am glad to see that there are still at least forty (40) articles uploaded in each day. At least that's what I have observed in the past two days.

A lot of members stopped writing for after @therandomrewarder (a.k.a Rusty) bid his goodbye from the platform. To almost all of the writers in, Rusty was the source of "manna" in this writing community.

Now that the bot is gone, a lot of them stopped posting for this BCH-powered platform and moved on.

Greetings once again my dear Read.Cash friends. This is just my second article for this year. Not that I don't want to make a post here anymore because Rusty's already gone, I was just a bit busy making my plans and adjusting my goals for 2023.

The question is, how do we make the best out of Read.Cash Without Rusty? Perhaps to answer that let's first take a look at the effects of Rusty's absence.

The Bad and the Good!

The Bad. With Rusty gone, it means tips from itself stopped. This has discouraged a lot of writers who were hoping to earn some extra cash --- or bitcoin cash to be precise. This clearly dropped the number of active writers here.

Frankly speaking, I was discouraged.

The sum it up, the bad effect of Rusty's absence is:

  1. Lower (or no) income

  2. Fewer active members.

The Good. Maybe it's a bad thing that there are fewer active members left in, but the good thing is, that plagiarists are also discouraged to post on this platform. This can also mean there are fewer or no AI-generated articles posted on this platform. This can also mean, fewer low-quality articles.

To sum it up the good.

  1. Few or no plagiarized articles. No more or fewer plagiarists.

  2. No or few AI-generated articles.

  3. More high-quality articles.

How to make the best out of

I believe there is more to reading. cash than trying to catch the attention of Rusty. Although I admit, getting Rusty's attention and tips for our articles was exciting, so to speak. However, as I have always said, we should write not for the bot, instead, we should write for the human readers.

  1. Write with human readers in mind. As mentioned, we should write for our human readers and not for any AI curators or rewarders. Thus, if we want to grow our readership, we need to know what they want to read.

  2. Focus on fewer niches. I have observed that the most read and rewarded articles here are about cryptocurrency and finances. Though I have some knowledge of financial management, I am a novice when it comes to cryptocurrency. However, I can still write about topics where my expertise lies. The first thing that I need to do in the coming weeks is trying to determine which niche I can write about that will

  3. Interact with the other writers. Since most of the remaining writers are those who don't use this platform as a cash cow anymore, I believe we will have now authentic interactions with them.

  4. Share my articles on social media. I'm not really a Facebook user. I need to learn to improve my social media skills and use them to increase my readership.

  5. Bring people new writers/ bloggers in. Social media can be used not only to increase readership but also the best way to promote and the benefits of bitcoin cash.

  6. Try to get sponsors outside the circle. I noticed that there are some sponsors of a few writers who did not make a single post in Some even put the link to their personal website on the sponsor block. I think this is one feature that many of us have failed to explore.

    Although is not driven by ad revenue, I think the Sponsorship feature can be used to bring some advertisers, especially those who are just starting their business or services and with a limited budget for advertising.

In Closing

I can't guarantee if these plans will help bring success to These are just my initial ideas to make the best out of especially in the absence of Rusty. The way I see it though, if we want to help this retain this platform, we need to bring in new quality writers while trying to help filter out the plagiarist, AI-dependent writers, and other cheaters.

I mentioned that we might be able to get some sponsors from outside the sphere. To do that though, we must upload original and quality content regularly and increase readership. For sure, nobody will sponsor low-quality, let alone plagiarized content. I believe this is an area that we need to explore.

Most of all, we need to help and support each other here.

May we find our way to success.

Thanks For Reading


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10 months ago



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10 months ago

I hoe the plan you said will work for you and me as well as other users here. I have been out lately and I miss it here

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10 months ago

It will take some time and a lot of efforts to make it work. But I believe doing so will also help sustain this platform.

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10 months ago

I am so happy that the random airdrop bot has finally been stopped. The platform must reward the articles, but it must not be random. The algorithmic reward MUST be finite and proportional to the engagement.

Now, there won't be any BS article highly rewarded. Random rewards kill a blogging platform by demotivating good creators.

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10 months ago

That is true. And the bot has invited a lot of plagiarists and other forms of scammers and cheaters into this platform. It will be a challenge to earn from this platform from this now on, but I know we can still earn .

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10 months ago