Do You Tolerate AI Generated Content in This Platform?

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3 months ago

Do You Tolerate AI Generated Content in This Platform?

August 27, 2023.

Some people will surely hate me for this article. I won't even be surprised if they block me. Then again I have to make a statement about this issue.

I had a hectic week. I even had to work yesterday which was a Saturday. Even though I just worked in the morning, I got so tired that I slept at least a couple of hours in the afternoon. I guess, my body was trying to recover from the physical stress incured during the week. I wanted to write an article about our weekend getaway last week, but I could not get myself to start writing.

This morning, though still a bit drowsy, I wanted to start writing. I thought,to get my brain started, I'd read a few articles first in readcash and Hive (via Ecency). I went to ReadCash first.

A title caught my attention. It was about a topic related to my work. When I started reading it though, the content was "too technical". I don't feel that the author was even connected to it.

I copied a big part of the artice and run it on zero-gpt ( My gut feeling was right.

The thing is, this is not the first AI-generated article I encountered this week. I think this is the third and they were uploaded by different authors. The other two were about 45% to 70% AI generated. Well, at least the authors tried to add some of their thoughts or perhaps made a little effort to rephrase some parts.

What I Felt.

What do you think I felt about AI-generated articles?

Ever since I started writing to earn online, I have been fighting against plagiarism. I caught even one author copied my whole article without even acknolwedging my original work. Good thing, the admins removed the plagiarized content.

When I joined readcash, a lot of members have expressed their disgust in plagiarized content as well. Sadly, you can't fully get rid of them. There will always be people who wants to earn some quick bucks without exercting so much effort.

Recently, the concernt of plagiarized content have climbed up a notch. Now, the supposed to be "writers" use ChatGPT to generate a whole article and post it as their own!

Old timers in readcash would remember that the reason Rusty ( @TheRandomRewarder ) stopped giving tips because it fails to filter out AI-generated content. This is unfair to us who spends a lot of time composing an article. Some would even spend a lot of time doing some research before writing. So, in December last year Rusty bid goodbye. In his article "My last tip" (, Rusty stated the price of generating an article is almost zero.

Rusty came back, fortunately for us, and started giving tips again. However, the amount of tips is just a fraction of what we used to receive. Unfortunately, after the word got out that Rusty started giving tips again no matter how small, plagiarized and AI-generated conted started popping up again. Sadly, Rusty has given tips to some of those AI-generated content.

One of the last few articles that got a generous tip from Rusty. I uploaded this more than a year ago.

I Love Reading But...

I love to read. Especially those articles that I can "connect" with the author. Maybe a I will make a list of those authors whose work I love read in the future.

On the other hand, when the article feels "too technical" or perhaps my instict somehow tells me that I am reading a plagiarized or AI-generated content, chances are my instinct is correct.

Using ChatGPT

Don't get me wrong. I've been using ChatGPT a lot lately, but not for generating content. There are lots of ways that ChatGPT can help us write better and compose a good article. However, relying entirely on the bot to generate a content is not one of them.

Using ChatGPT to generate an entire article has two negative impact to you as writers.

  • Dulls your skills as a writer. When you started relying entirely to the bot to compose an article, you are missing the chance to sharpen your writing skills.

  • Your account may be demonitized or worse banned. In the past, I have seen some members complain that Rusty stopped visiting them. One even blamed another member for "falsely accusing him" of being a fraudster. And incident that even started a flame war.

In Closing

I'm not sure though how Rusty reacts if someone reports a plagiarized or AI-generated content these days. However, I know that a lot of curators in Hive, if not all curators, flags down AI-generated and plagiarized content. I have seen some writers who composed good articles sometimes upload plagiarized and even AI-generated content. Perhaps, their goal is to upload one article a day but got into a writer's block. This just might put you in Rusty's or the curators' black list.

If you have a writer's block. Take a rest. Maybe you can ask ChatGPT what to write about. Something that is close to you.

Back to the question though...

Do You Tolerate AI Generated Content in This Platform?

Thanks for reading.

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Date Posted: August 27, 2023, Philippine Standard Time

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3 months ago


I just tried the tool you gave us. And yes, there are AI generated articles on Read Cash, it is very sad to see this.

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3 months ago

I have seen some articles arranged in a peculiar way, they seem to be generated by AI, but I did not know of a tool to detect it.

Really, a part of me doesn't understand why do something like this. I just sit at the pc, and let my ideas flow. When I discovered the world of blogs it was to write everything I wanted, that relaxed me, and it makes me feel good.

I think it is a lack of respect for those of us who write. I understand that they want to make money, but it doesn't make sense, because they affect the platforms.

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3 months ago

AI-generated content lacks the authentic human touch, often feeling sterile and disconnected from genuine emotions.

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3 months ago

Aishhh, ito ung ayoko sa AI, there are so many ways kasi to paraphrase pa. Well there are advantages pero kung lahat nal ang iaasa mo sa AI, it's a no no for me.

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3 months ago