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Importance of the influence of other people in our lives, and the "Pygmalion effect".

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4 months ago

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A person influences another person when he/she has the capacity to affect his/her life. As it can be in their decision making or thoughts, in their habits and their day to day functions. For that reason I have always thought that I should surround myself with human beings who talk about ideas, goals, solutions and even business. Why think like that?

In our childhood we grew up influenced by our parents. Also by our friends, and even the teachers and classmates we had at school, have influenced us in shaping our image. We are, to a large extent, what others expect us to be. This has consequences on a personal, work, family and social level, and can be beneficial or adverse. Knowing how this effect, called Pygmalion, works will help us to be aware of how we influence each other with our looks and perspectives.

The Pygmalion effect:

The Pygmalion effect is known as the influence that one person can exert on another, based on the image that person has of him or her.  Your beliefs may influence the performance of the other, so that your expectations are true and become true with behaviors that tend to confirm them. This effect is also known as "self-fulfilling prophecy", and thus we will do everything possible to make what we consider or believe will happen come true.

The origin of the Pygmalion effect dates back to Greek mythology when a king of Cyprus found it very difficult to fall in love with a woman, since none of them seemed perfect in his opinion. The sculptor Pygmalion decided to make an ivory sculpture that he would call Galatea. Such was the love that this king professed for her perfection, that he asked Venus to make her a true woman. With this myth it is reflected that he wanted so much to believe that the sculpture was alive that he finally managed to make it so.

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 When someone reflects a negative image, it affects our ability to express ourselves openly. We block ourselves and have many doubts, so communication does not flow. When communication is stagnant, due to the negative images that are formed of each other, we can look for questions that facilitate a change of perspective. What has this person done well lately? Remember if he or she has ever been successful, or has shown any talent. Think about what life gives you.

I feel that the people we associate with often have a certain influence on us personally and at work. It is of great importance to connect with people who are different from us; or in other words, that they are better than us, or at least have better experience.

It is very possible that when the image we have of another person is positive, it serves as an antenna, which increases our ability to perceive the successes of the other; it helps us to be more aware of the positives rather than the negatives, and when situations are confusing, we consider the positive options rather than the negative ones.

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I believe that if we stay too long in the same social circle we will always have the same perspectives, we become more closed and we would not accept changes, this is something that we should not allow ourselves. We must accept permanent transformations and find effective solutions to our problems. Believe in yourself, that you have the capacity to generate new ideas, creativity is a skill that you can always put into practice.

If we take stock of all the people who have been part of our lives, and how their beliefs about who or how we are, and even their appreciation of our abilities, have influenced us, we will realize that the Pygmalion effect can have both positive and negative results in us.

Do you consider that you surround yourself with people with coherent ideas and goals?


Dear readers, your opinions are very valuable to me, I will be very attentive to your comments. Thank you for investing your valuable time in reading my publication, greetings.

Disclaimer: I would like to let you know that English is not my native language, I may even make some mistakes in the construction of sentences in my posts. Feel free to correct me carefully. It will help me in my learning process.

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Written by   45
4 months ago
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There are people who have an intellectual mind that influences our lives today, such as mathematicians, logician, and philosophers, I will not name those influencer they are so many, but what the most important thing is that they've been cause of changes today because of there brilliant mind

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