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There is no one beside

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2 years ago

Khaleq Sir Katakata arrived at the class at nine o'clock. He is a high school math teacher. Known to everyone as grumpy. He likes to give terrible punishments for the crime of mischief and not learning to read.

She is currently a math teacher in class nine for girls. All the girls are afraid of him. Khaleq Sir will retire later this year.

The girls of Nine are accepting all the hardships with the joy of not having to take classes anymore.

Khaleq Sir called the presenter as soon as he entered the class today. Today he will call the girls to do math on the board. He does this one day a week.

Most of the girls can't do the math correctly due to her fear or any other reason. So naturally the attendance on this day is less.

Khaleq Sir first called Ayesha to do the math. Mr. Khaleq reads Ayesha almost every day.

Of course, Ayesha doesn't mind.

She is a good student. It doesn't matter to him to do the math effortlessly.

Ayesha did the math on the board very quickly. But at the last stage he noticed that his figure did not match! Horrible thing.

This means that severe punishment is waiting for Ayesha.

Khaleq sir is very angry. Couldn't figure out this simple math. Punishment must be given, severe punishment.

- This girl, you stand on the bench!

Ayesha stood on the bench like an obedient daughter.

- Now listen !!

Impossible. Ayesha will never do this insulting thing. Stood silently.

- Won't you listen? But later I will stand in the middle of the field holding my ears.

Ayesha grabbed his ear. The whole class stood with their ears closed and cried silently.

However, Mr. Khaleq's mind did not melt. If you can't read, you will be punished.

Hafsa noticed that her daughter had returned from school that afternoon and had not opened the gate to her room.

Hafsa called several times but got no response. Meanwhile, it was evening.

Khaleq Sir returned home after a short evening. He saw that his wife was very worried.

- What happened to you?

- Has anything happened at school today ??

- What?

- About your daughter.

- No. Why?

- Your daughter returned home at noon with the gate closed and the gate did not open.

Khaleq Sir was able to catch the reason this time. What an answer! Remained silent. But Hafsa kept asking,

- What happened, if you keep quiet ??

- Ayesha could not study in class today.

- What did you do? Killed?

- No.

- Then ??

- I held my ears.

Hafsa became frustrated. Someone punishes his own daughter so severely.

- What do you do for a living? Don't have a little mercy?

- Wrong!

- You don't know your daughter.

- Shall I call now?

- Who knows if I'll talk to you next month! You don't have to vent your anger. Let Hasan come, whatever he will do.

- What is the status of Hasan's interview?

- I don't know, he's not picking up the phone. Shall I give you rice ??

- No, Hasan, let's eat together.


The house is quite far away. You have to go by bus. But now Hasan does not want to get on the bus. Hasan is returning home after Viva exam.

Hasan understands well that there is no job without people.

Government, private, banks have tried almost everywhere, none of them.

Hasan, who has completed his Masters, is a meritorious student. So in most places Hasan passed the written test.

But the problem is in that viva board. Hasan has neither man nor money. So I have to stumble again and again. Dad will retire later this year.

Then Sansar Hasan will have to run. So want a job at any cost.

A CNG stopped in front of Hasan. Empty CNG. However, Shahid came down from the driver's seat. Hassan's school life friend.

- Kiri friend, how long after I saw you! How are you

- Well, how are you?

- You see the situation. Let's run CNG now.

Hasan was surprised. Shahid was a very meritorious student. He did not understand why this condition.

- Why are you running on CNG?

- What else can I do? I passed Honors and looked for a job for 4 years but did not get it. Dad paralysis. How will the family?

So I went down with CNG.

- He's fine.

- Let's take you home.

Shahid wanted to take Hasan home and leave. But Hasan did not want to leave him.

- Feel like saying something ??

- Yes.

- Tell me.

- Sit in a tea shop when you have time.

- All right, let's go.


Hasan returned home after Esha prayers. I first met my mother.

- Mom, how are you?

- Good. How was your interview?

- I haven't eaten rice before, then I'll tell you. Where is Dad?

- Lying down.

- Call, Ayesha ate ??

- No, Ayesha has been sitting in her room with the gate locked since noon!

- Why?

- Your father kept his ears closed because he couldn't read. I called many times but did not respond.

See if you can break the anger!

- Well, I'm coming from a little outside.

- Where are we going again?

- I'll go and come.


Little sister Ayesha stood in front of the gate and smiled. Hasan calls his younger sister by his own name, the name is bird.

- Birds, this bird 6.


- Are you alive or dead, answer ?!

- Huh!

- Are you angry?

- Huh!

- Don't open the gate ??

- No.

- I got the job.

- What's in it for me !!

- I understand! But I brought a polar ice cream, melting that 6.

Ayesha opened the gate. Swollen eyes. The girl cried a lot. Very arrogant.

- Give me ice cream.

- Take this.

- I will never talk to my father again.

- Well, don't say.

- Brother ??

- Huh.

- Buy me a pair of new shoes when you get paid first.

- I'll give it to you.

- My shoes are very old. I didn't tell my father, because my father is running the family with great difficulty, I know.

- Oh Dad, you understand so much ?!

- Huh, I'm not grown up!

- Let's go eat rice now.

Tonight is a festive day at Hasan's house. Because Hassan told everyone in the house that he got a job.

After eating, everyone quickly fell asleep. But Hasan stayed awake. Because only Hasan knows the real facts, no one else knows !!


Hasan woke up in the morning after receiving the call of the martyrs.

- You're still asleep!

- Huh.

- Come back soon. Let me teach you something today. When the flame is over this week, I will be able to get down with CNG next week.

- Well, I'm coming.

Hasan met Ayesha while leaving the house. Today Ayesha is going to school alone, she used to go with her father every day.

And Hassan is going to fight reality. Every man is born to fight reality.

No one can fight and survive, no one can.

Those who can't survive by fighting are seen to be involved in bad deeds. Not everyone is a good boy like Hasan anymore.

The blame cannot be given to them either. You have to live after eating. What if you can't get a job with qualifications ?!

If you live with a low income in an honest way, there will be unrest in the family and you will be a fool in the eyes of the society.

Today Ayesha does not understand why her brother is so upset ?! On the first day of work, someone is so upset.

- Brother, why are you so upset ??

Hassan did not feel the need to answer his sister's question. He left the house. The war with reality started from today.

We have to fight this war alone, there is no one beside us - there is no one !!

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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