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First day of military

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2 years ago

On the day I joined army) , I was given some strict instructions. I have to listen to harsh words about my fitness. Although not bad in terms of length, my health was not army-friendly. Even so, I have done a lot of irregularities in eating at home. No one was heard for that irregularity. Hearing today.

Here are some points of instruction,

You have to deposit your mobile phone in the office. Mobile cannot be asked even once in three months of training.

The officer must listen to everything. If the officer says jump up the hill and die, you have to jump up the hill and die. The question cannot be asked.

Repeated requests to call home will not be made and phone calls from home will not be given to him during the training session unless absolutely necessary. No complaint can be made for this.

Can't get sick.

The excuse is to cut off the hand.

I was given a different instruction. The officer has to report with 200 push ups throughout the day. I will be given one hour for these two hundred push ups.

A lot was said, but I was not introduced. My name is Tarif, I live in Jatrabari. I am the younger of two brothers. Big brother Allready is in the army, currently in Somalia. There is no need to talk about how I joined the army.

But Naorin had a different urge to send him here. I'll talk to Naorin about that later. Come back to work.

On the first day I knocked. With 30 push ups, I couldn't move anymore. The instruction was that I would be able to eat at noon only after completing 200 push ups. I did not eat at noon that day. At night I get food.

Do the same thing again during the day. Push up, 200 p.m. This time when I went to give 10 push ups, I thought my hand would break. Today's instruction was that if you can't give 200 push ups in one hour, there is punishment. I agreed to the punishment. Still, at least for lunch!

The punishment was to stand on one leg and eat.

I talked about a lot of trouble, right? Let's talk about the real trouble.

I have known Naorin for three years. He lives in Dhanmondi. Relationship with him while he was in varsity. I liked him very much. I loved it. Our love was not hidden in love. My parents knew. He also introduced me to his parents. My father is a retired government official, my son will join the army, and my youngest son will join the army. After hearing these, Naorin's parents put me in their son's seat.

How are these stories of suffering? Did you know that it tastes sweet for a moment before it is soaked? These are the sweets of that one moment.

Both parents go to Naorin's house. We are talking about. It was decided that I would join the army, and we would get married a year later. The ring was changed on the same day.

A week later I'm here, doing 200 push ups and dying. Before coming here, Naorin told me to call her as soon as I got there. Couldn't call him. Just informed at home that I have arrived here, Buss.

Weeks passed. It was not possible to develop me in any punishment. One day the officer rushed me and asked me a strange question.

‘Make love or not? ’

‘No sir. ’

‘If I lie, I will do 100 more push ups. Again, do love tame? ’

‘No sir. My marriage is fine. ’

‘Is her name Naorin? ’

I stopped the push up and looked at the officer. He looked at me and smiled. Then he gave me instructions.

If I give 200 push ups every day, I will be able to talk to Naorin for 200 seconds. 3 minutes 20 seconds. If you talk after two days, 8 minutes and 40 seconds. If you give less than 200 push ups, not even a second will count. If you do more than 200 push ups, it will count.

I'm ‘OK sir! I shouted and started giving push ups. That day I gave 69 push ups with great difficulty. My all time record.

I have been in this session for a month. I am also doing other trainings. But push-ups have become a little easier than before. However, my stamina is completely exhausted before I give 200 push ups every day. One minute has not yet been added to the officer's watch.

Two months later that auspicious moment came. For the first time in my life I gave 200 push ups. I hugged the officer to the beat with great pleasure. My 3 minutes and 20 seconds were added to the officer's watch.

That night the officer stood in front of me watching the time on the stopwatch and I was standing away talking to Naorin. I told him, we have to finish talking in a short time. He said, OK. I will talk a little bit. We talked like this,

‘How are you? ’

‘Good. You? ’

‘Good. Is everyone okay? ’

‘Everyone is fine here and there. ’

‘What do you play at night? ’

‘Dried potatoes, pulses, mashed potatoes and rice, you? ’

‘Bread, pulses, labra. ’

‘When will you come? ’

‘I don’t know. Listen to the story? ’

‘Tell me. ’

‘One was king and one was queen. The queen ate dry and the king ate labra. One day, the lump of shucki got stuck in the queen's throat and the queen's voice became dry like shukki. ’

‘Then? ’

‘The king thought he should be like the queen. The king loved the queen very much. ’

‘Didn’t live at all. The king was stingy. Who is the king to eat labra should be. ’

‘No no, the king loved the queen very much. So the king thought that he would stick a lump in his throat like the queen and make his throat tasteless like a lump. But the labra is so slippery that it does not stick to the throat as much as the big dalai. Slips and goes to the stomach. ’

‘What are you talking about? Say something else. The reverse is just a story. ’

‘I don’t understand what to say. The head is not working. ’

‘Needless to say. Once I say, love, once you say, love. Can't? ’

‘Who can! ’

We said we love each other for 36 seconds in a row. Then I put down the phone. My time is up.

Complete 200 push ups again the next day. The next day. The next day. We talked unnecessarily for three minutes, four minutes and a few seconds. I would say I love each other for a few seconds. But talking for a few minutes did not feed us.

I gave push ups one week at a time. I continued to give extra push ups. I got 23 minutes and 45 seconds on my watch. A lot of the time.

The next day the phone rang from home. The instruction says, I will not be able to receive calls from home unless there is an emergency. But I was told that day, compliment, it's an emergency.

My chest began to throb. My brother lives in Somalia. How many people are dying there during the war. I thought I was going to hear something very bad about my brother.

I received the phone and found out that my brother is fine. Naorin had an accident, the condition is bad. My brother has arranged a three-day vacation. I have to come.

Naorin died of excessive bleeding before going to the hospital. Rape and murder case. At noon during the day, also inside the bus. According to Naorin, all the passengers were dropped off at Jatrabari. He was told to get off at the end, he would be able to get off comfortably if everyone got off. As soon as everyone got off, the bus left the place in one go. Naorin could not get off the bus.

I did not want to take three days off. I returned to the camp in two days. The officer wanted to know how Naorin was. I couldn't say anything.

I rushed to the officer's tent at night and asked him to give me the watch. I have 23 minutes and 45 seconds in my name. The officer handed me the watch for the first time, but did not come with me. I came out unmoved.

The place is open, high and low like a valley. I turn on the watch and call Naorin. Opash said, the phone is off. I keep listening to the message to turn off the phone and I shed tears like an idol. My 23 minutes and 45 seconds are not going to end.


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Written by   32
2 years ago
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Such a nice story.

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