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Biryanimaya love

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2 years ago

I was waiting for the rickshaw out of the house. Then someone poured water from above and made me very wet.

It has already become a stumbling block. Now again some great person has done this work. I looked up to see that great person and Nidhi stood up. He shook the bucket in his hand and said,

- If you don't listen to me, it will happen.

Hey dad. What did he say or did I not hear?

Meanwhile, it was office time. As soon as I entered the room to change, the message tone of the phone rang. As soon as I checked, I saw Nidhi's message.

- I told you to wear black shirt and black blazer. You read the other one. And if you don't want to get wet, go to the office after reading the black one.

I left the blue shirt in my hand to read. I don't want to get wet anymore. I read the black shirt. What a dangerous girl, father.

Nidhi lives in the flat next to us. The girl has followed me since the day I got up in this house. But the girl is sweet even though she is beautiful. She looks very beautiful.

: -Be careful.

As soon as I got on the rickshaw, someone said the word. I looked up and saw Nidhi standing on the balcony, waving his hand and saying the word.

I just shook Nidhi's hand without saying anything. If I don't move my hand, if I pour water again, then there is another danger.

I was working in the office. Then the phone rang. It was almost noon. Everyone may have gone to the canteen to eat. I picked up the phone and saw Nidhi's phone. Why did the girl call again this time?

As soon as I picked up the phone, Nidhi said,

- A lot of work has been done. Go and eat now.

I was a little surprised by Nidhi's words. How did he know that I haven't eaten yet. Besides, the time to eat is also gone. I said,

- I ate it.

- Don't lie to me. But I understand everything.

I couldn't say anything else. I don't understand how the girl understands everything. I told Nidhi,

-I think you haven't eaten yet?

Nidhi said a little quietly in my words,

- I was waiting for you.

- Then let's not eat.


Nidhi hung up the phone saying the word. The girl knows how to love even if she is naughty.

As soon as I came home fresh, the smell of biryani filled my stomach.

Did my mother cook biryani or not. It will be eaten with a lot of fun today. Biryani. It is the name of a love. As soon as I left the room, my mother said,

- Sit at the table, I'm serving food.

- Huh, hurry up. The smell is already filling my stomach.

As soon as I sat down at the table, my mother put biryani on the plate and said,

-How did you eat?

I somehow washed my hands and started eating. Umm, it's a lot of fun. I think I have never eaten such a delicious biryani.

- The girl is very good. If I get married, I can eat such food every day.

I looked at her in Amma's words. That means Amma did not cook. Someone else did. I told Amma,

- You didn't cook?

- No.

-Then who cooked?

- Funds.

I was a little surprised to hear the name of the fund in my mouth. This girl cooked biryani for me. Before I said anything to my mother, my mother said,

- You know the girl loves you a little too much.

I know that very well. It's not like I don't love him.

As soon as I finished eating, my mother said,

- God knows the condition of the girl's hand now.

I said to Amma,

- Why what happened?

- When I went to cut the meat of biryani, my hand was cut off. How can I say that I cook but the girl cooked with the cut hand.

Amma's words made me feel a little bad.

The girl cooked for me with her hands cut off. That means she has finished cooking. Maybe she hasn't eaten anything yet.

As soon as I left the room with the biryani on the plate, my mother said,

-Where to go, and for whom?

-For the fund.

Hearing Nidhi's name on my face, Amma smiled and said,

- So much love.

Without saying anything else, I pressed the calling bell of Nidhi's house. After a while, Nidhi's mother came and opened the door and said,

- Dad, come on in.

I went inside and told Nidhi's mother,

-Where's the fund?

- She's in her room. I'm calling.

- No need to call, I'm going.

I entered the room and could not see Nidhi. Maybe he is on the balcony. I put the plate on the table and as soon as I went to the balcony, my eyes fell on his laptop. He kept it open. Maybe he was doing something. I looked at the screen and saw my picture.

I went to the balcony and saw the girl standing quietly. I went behind the fund and put my face close to her ear and said,


Nidhi looked back at me and was shocked to see me. But that was for a while. I said again,


Nidhi hugged me tightly and said,

- I love you a little too much.

I hugged the girl without saying anything else.

I am feeding Nidhi and the girl is looking at me with one mind.

Don't look at it like this, what's your problem with it. You will definitely get an invitation to the wedding. But only an invitation to see your wife.

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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Nice one.

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Wow! What a nice story.

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2 years ago