Safety first; because your life is valuable

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Safety is what we all want. But what does safety mean

Safety means a lot of things to different people and different professions. The definition I'm going to give is the definition that most people would understand, in the sense of their own safety.

Safety can range from being safe from crime, from accidents, from the pain and suffering that comes from the results of accidents or crimes.

Safety can be being safe from physical injury, being safe from financial loss, being safe from emotional pain, being safe from any form of coercion or manipulation.

For some people safety means being in an environment where they feel no judgement or prejudice towards them, where they have autonomy and freedom to do whatever they wish without having to worry about any external factors. For some people safety is an environment where they have their own sacred space and are never intruded on. Safety for some people means being secure in who they are, knowing their place in the world and feeling confident in themselves.

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For example, construction workers building a new house or a mechanic working on a car need to be protected from head to toe. Safety gear is required to protect workers from infection and various injuries like cuts, burns and other related health hazards.

Safety is the condition of being protected from threats or danger and it applies to every aspect of life. Everyone should be safe at all times and on every occasion, whether at work, at home or on the go.

Construction is a dangerous job and it also has it’s hazards at home. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends the following safety precautions to take at home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Install a carbon monoxide alarm near your bedrooms. Have the alarm inspected once a year by a qualified technician and replace the battery twice a year or when the alarm ‘chirps,’ as carbon monoxide detectors chirp when their batteries are low.

Log off from Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking sites.

Post all emergency, medical and fire contact numbers in plain view.

Install smoke detectors on every floor, including the basement. Have them all inspected once a year and change the batteries once a year or more often.

Have all gas appliances checked for leaks by a professional.

Make sure all electrical cords are out of reach and secure so that no one trips over them. This includes computer wires and extension cords.

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Safety in whatever context remains paramount....

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Sure safety comes first, no matter what we do in life we have to think about our self first coz we can't afford to d*e this soon so we all have to be careful in what ever we are doing

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