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Doing business don't raise false alarm

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3 months ago

There is a new Raising false alarm is risky in the mission of the product. The message is: Raising false alarm is risky

Raising false alarm make people loss trust in you. That is why we do not play any alarm, when you lock yourself out of your account. We will clearly ask you if you still want to try raising false alarm (i.e. lock your own account). If you choose to do so, we would first ask for a confirmation of the password and the security question before raising the false alarm (i.e. locking your own account). After that, we will wait for you at least 48 hours to call us back with further instruction (i.e. gain access to your own account). And we do not charge extra for raising false alarm.

Raising false alarm make people loss trust in you. People believe in you, do not make them lose the trust.

To be successful in any "business" you need to take a few steps.

1. Find a subject that you are interested in

2. Find a market, where your product will find their buyers

3. Find and sell your product

4. Make a good promotion

5. Make a good marketing

6. Make a good product or service

7. Know your cost (if possible)

8. Be prepared to give up some profit for risk and making your business a better business

9. Be careful and attentive, but not overanxious

10. Be ready to give the best service and support for your customers that you can provide

11. Be ready to listen to your customers and use their advice to improve your service.

When you have these 10 things, you can make an honest business in any field or industry. The only thing is not to make false alarms...

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