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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor nor certified analyst. All contents discussed on this blogpost are solely my own personal views and for Trading education/entertainment purposes only.

With That Being Said, Let's Get Into It.

BCH chart Todays

BCH update

Get ready for some bullish movements on BCH. After some analysis, I found an RSI divergence. Now, as an experienced Trader, whenever you find or see an RSI divergence, be ready for a change in the movement of the candlesticks to the opposite direction.

Simple example, If crypto A was falling and then you spotted an RSI divergence in the chart, then expect a rise on crypto A. And same way if crypto B was rising and then you spotted an RSI divergence, then there might just be a fall. (simplified)

Now, this could either be good or bad for the crypto,stock or commodity it happened to. In this case for BCH, it is going to be positive and good. So get ready for the movement.


Recently, Crypto Influencer " Coin Bureau" ("@Coinbureau" on Twitter) talked about a Layer one (L1) blockchain project that has a chance to become "a top contender for the King of smart contract in cryptocurrency. Said Cryptoglobe

(Though I do support SmartBCH)

In a video released on his YouTube channel (Coin bureau) on November 23,the show's Host told the channel's subscribers that $ONE, the utility token of blockchain Harmony could be "the one coin to rule them all" .

What's Harmony and it's native Token $ONE?

  • Harmony is a secure and fast blockchain for decentralized applications. Harmonies main focus is on achieving scalability by dividing not only the network nodes but also the blockchain states into shards, "scaling linearly in all three aspects of machines and storage'.

  • It's utility token $ONE ,is running on Harmony's main net since June 2019,and is expected to reach an annual inflation of 3%. The Token must be used as stake for network validators and is required to initiate transactions.

My analysis on $ONE

At the writing this post it's currently about $0.3969 . After my analysis, it seems there is a possible growth on this coin up to $0.5000 respectively.

Harmony looks like Ethereum 2.0 under a Hood because of the fact that Harmony leverages Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for smart contracts and uses a sharded proof-of-stake blockchain consisting of four shards. Each shard can process upto 500 transactions per second, meaning Harmony can currently process around 2000 transactions per second, with transaction finality of 2.0 seconds.

  • Apart from staking, the $ONE coin is used for governance and to pay for transaction fees. When it comes to transaction fees,all $ONE coins used to pay for transactions fees on the Harmony blockchain are burned.

However,$ONE is not deflationary. This is because a fixed supply off 441 million $ONE coins are minted every Year. The $ONE coin transaction fees burn are designed to burn the $ ONE coin that will be otherwise minted.

$ONE coin should have an easier time reaching new all-time- highs.

what do you think? Feel free to comment in the comment section.

Until next time, I'm out, Peace.

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Topics: Crypto analysis, BCH, ONE


Thanks for the Update InvestorOmar. Looking forward for more updates.

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Thanks for your kind words @MarcFranklins.

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