5 Best Ways To Concentrate Well

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November 12, 2021

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to my new article, Concentration is an important part of our life, without it, we get nothing in life. A proper focusing on each and every aspect of life is very necessary to get success in life. Being concentrated is not a big deal, it's all under control, just we need to apply it in our daily life because concentration enables us to achieve goals and different tasks in life, and makes us more creative. I will tell you about my personal experience about deficiency of concentration and how I overcame this condition by doing some simple but effective steps.

I think one of the biggest reason behind lack of concentration is poor sleep because few months ago I faced this problem of lack of concentration and in this way I not pay attention to my studies at all and the main reason was my poor sleep habits which leads me to this condition and its results was awful as I can't paying attention to my research work properly so then I decided to just say goodbye to this annoying condition because it played a role of big hurdle in my daily routine works. In my point of view, if we do different important steps in life and make these steps a part of our life, we can live a happy, healthy and conscious life.

Healthy Sleep

Really trust me it's a root problem of lack of concentration, so first we should need to improve our sleeping habits properly. We should set a time of sleeping and awakening and follow this set time strictly and on a proper time of sleeping just put mobile phones aside and important thing is that night sleep is too important as compared to day sleep. Some people stay awake all night and sleep during daytime, this is totally wrong and there are no benefits of daytime sleeping. During sleep our brain removes all the toxins, although the brain is awake while we sleep and 7 to 8 hours of night sleep is very important for the better functioning of the brain. If we don't get enough night sleep, random thoughts continuously roaming in our brain all day, and we can't focus on anything.

Timer Workout

This is the best exercise for focusing because if you do a timer workout it means set your time of workout 20 or 30 minutes or how much you like and do exercise according to set time. During the workout, you can divide your time in arms, legs, belly and shoulders workout and make sets and reps. During this period you become focused on a specific task and when you repeat this task again and again every day then you achieve your goal of attention and focusing, in this way you build a power of paying attention in each and every work of your life.

Change your Diet

This is also a very big reason behind the lack of concentration because when you eat unhealthy food like high fats junk foods then this high fat play a very dangerous role on your brain and the digestive needs to work more and more to digest this unhealthy fat food and more oxygen destroys in this digestion, in this way your brain not get enough oxygen as it requires so this greatly affect the memory of your brain, and you become a victim of inattention. So it's very necessary to change your diet, I think if we take healthy proteinaceous foods like fish, leafy vegetables including spinach, eggs, nuts at proper time then we will not effect by inattention because protein rich food is incredibly good for brain as it increases brain memory, two things are very important for brain one is proteinaceous food and second is water so take 8 glasses of water daily. Finish your 8 glasses of water before 8.00PM, it's also very necessary.

Taking Small Doses of Caffeine

Coffee is not bad for health unless it takes in too much quantity because excess of everything is bad. Coffee use in moderation is very good for the brain as it boosts our focusing power, improves learning power and also very good against certain brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. I use 2 cups of coffee each day, one in the morning and one in evening. I use just 1 teaspoon of coffee in each cup, it really helps me in focusing on study and other daily tasks. Coffee is also a very good source of body detoxification including liver.

As I wrote about coffee, that's why my heart wanted to take coffee, so I told mom to make a cup of coffee for me, as you can see I sprinkled some extra coffee in the cup because sometimes I want to make it taste extra strong. 😅

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It is very good for increasing cognitive skills because when we do yoga, our brain functions very well and actively because yoga provides a good strength to our brain which enhances the ability of attention and focusing. I like two poses of yoga very much which are Lotus pose and Tree pose, and they really relax me a lot, and every morning before breakfast I perform these two poses for 20_ 25 minutes, and believe me I remain relaxed and focused during the whole day....

Certain times, it will happen to me that I can't understand anything and my mind not set on a specific point, I don't know why, but it makes me lazy and boring, so in this situation I just go to a peaceful place like in a peaceful lush park and just I sit on a desk and I take long breaths and I focus on the fresh greenery around my all sides. Seriously this is a great therapy to calm down our minds and build a power of focusing, because natural therapies like this help us to throw away all the unnecessary random thoughts from the brain memory and just focus on a specific task.

Closing Thoughts

Dear readers as we all know that attention and focusing is a key secret of success. No doubt sometimes we couldn't pay proper attention to daily life tasks including study, job, homework and in other relationships due to some logical reason but if we can do something to calm ourselves, then we should do...if you like my article then don't forget to like, subscribe and comment.

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Now dear folks, I am just starting to eat my dinner, so I just want to tell you something about this special dinner which is made by my beautiful mom, and it's very special. This is traditional and so Delicious potato chicken soupy curry, and its flavors best with pickles. That's why my mom served me this delicious curry with mango pickle and chapati, and you must try this perfect combo and give me your feedback on how you like its taste.

With Love @Insh_11

Thank you so much for reading!

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Lack of concentration can affect us badly and we need to do away with things that causes it just like you have mentioned especially poor diet. When you eat unhealthy meal or food in excess, it affect you and can't focus on things you need to do.

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1 year ago

Yes, you are right, healthy diet on proper time is very necessary for good concentration and overall good health.

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1 year ago