Ways To Take Engagement As Top Priority In Your Blogging Career

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Blogging is really a big industry. According to data provided by SEMrush 2021, the blogging industry was worth $412.88 billion in 2021. This is really a massive figure that can't be overlooked. If you are a blogger, you ought to be proud, whether you are still a struggling blogger or a successful blogger.

If you are a struggling blogger, then you are not doing things right. The major reason why you are struggling could be that your engagement with your audience is low. you are not building a good relationship with present subscribers and the new ones.

You need to know how to build a blog that will help you to get more engagement with your audience.

It could be intimidating for new bloggers to create engaging content. But, everything you produce, whether it is a video, a blog post, or a podcast, must have clear and concise messaging in order to attract an audience.

This is where the art of the headline and intro paragraph comes in handy. These are the attention-grabber and lead to your content.

No matter what type of blog you produce, you need to craft these elements. They will help your content stand out and generate more engagement with your target audience.

Niche Selection

The subject of your blog is the one thing people will judge it on first. They will not read your blog if they find it too boring or too irrelevant to their lives.

Here are some good blogging niches:

- Blog as a novice entrepreneur's journey.

- Blogs on parenting.

- Blogs on career

- The journey of being a woman

- Blogs on healthy living.

- Blogs on relationships and love.

- Blogs on beauty and fashion.

- Blogs on business and entrepreneurship.

- Blogs on food, cooking, and recipes.

- Blogs on travel and adventures.

- Blogs on pets and crazy animal stories.

After choosing your niche, it is important that you should resist the temptation of posting something entirely different from the blog niche. For instance, if you are blogging on the relationships niche, you shouldn't post things relating to the cooking and recipes niche. Your followers or subscribers will frown at this and might stop visiting your blog to read new posts and they might give you a bad rating on various blogging forums out there. So stick to the confines of your niche because only then will you be seen as an authority in that niche and fetch you quality traffic as time goes on.

Building your audience

You need to have social media buttons (like Facebook, Twitter, telegram, WhatsApp, etc.) installed on your blog. This will create a chain reaction and serves as a reminder to your audience to always stay up to date with your blog posts. How do you do this?

Quite simply;

You will always post the link to your blog posts across your social media platforms.

Also, every now and then, you can post motivational messages across social media platforms, wishing your subscribers well in their various endeavors.

It is noteworthy too that while you want to post some useful tips on

You can also ask them to request what they want you to write about. - This particular strategy works magic.


Don't forget to register with a good email autoresponder so as to get the email addresses of potential subscribers or new subscribers, that you will welcome to your blog when they sign up to your mailing list.

Finally, You should know that to become successful at blogging, you should be diligent and patient to your efforts come to fruition. If you want to join the blogging industry with the sole aim of raking in huge profits in a month's time, then you will be utterly disappointed. Give it time, while you work smart and learn in the process. The best thing however is to start. Don't give up.

All the best.

Thanks for reading.

See you at the next one.

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I am planning to set up my own blog in the coming days but I have to plan it carefully this time. I hope I could do it again. Thank you for sharing these great tips.

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1 year ago

Yes Cinderella, You can definitely do it again. Just start it and scale up as you go. Be consistent and hardworking and it will surely play out fine. I wish you the best out there.

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1 year ago

You are really right in you friend said that blogging is really a big industry. According to data provided by SEMrush 2021, the blogging industry will be worth $ 412.88 billion in 2021. A good lesson people will learn here in your article friend

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1 year ago

Thank you so much, Jen. I'm glad people will learn a lot from my article.

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1 year ago