Part 3 of I'm inlove of my Teacher (Last Part)

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After of that happened in the next day I'm so very excited again to my teacher again as always so I decided to wake early and go to school as the first student would see her.

Of course I great her ' Good morning maam' and she greats me back too, after that I go to my room as a student productive.

The day must go on until one time she ask if she leave the without permission to me that she leave what could be my feelings? I answered her that "I am gonna be sad every day that I going to school because your are one of my inspiration that I am still going to school and get learnings" and gives me a smile and tight hug but I'm so confused why she ask me liked that? Like is that would be happen?

After several days as the same day I go to school with big smile and gives a great to her every morning but one happened that I can't see her in the office department and that makes me nervous because I remembered what she said to me few days ago, I find her every where and ask her CO-TEACHERS but nothing clue I find.

So decided to go to my room and wait her time to come in but she's not entered our room and gives me so nervous also I cant handle my mind what's going on I talk to my self if she totally leaves our school without giving information where she going to.

End up of our school day and still I can't her I'm so sad and feels like not restless so for the first time I cried under the tree and wondering what had so happen to her.

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After that I go home alone I decided to walk alone and that time the clouds started to get darker and I know it will gonna be raining but it's ok for me my feelings like a nothing gonna happen.

I'm on the road walking and listening music on my phone guess what music that I listen? Just comment below guys.

Another day after tomorrow I go to school lonely and still like yesterday I didn't saw her in office so I go my room faster go get asleep because its to early I go school but still I can't saw her.

After several days without seeing her I am so lazy to go to school and my parents worries about what happened to me they talk to me and gives me says why Im so sad so decided to told them that I can't see my favorite teacher in my school without saying where is she also I said to my parents that I am falling Inlove with my teacher, so my parents comforts me and gives there best to heal me because I'm so broke and sad cause of my teacher.

1week after that I go to school good but not definitely good on that day I saw my teacher!!! And I quickly to go her and I give her a huuugs with crying face and I ask her why she do that and she answered me that she's in the vacation with her family, I ask her why she's not inform me, she answered me she just testing me if I still love her after that.

Just like (what the hell ma'am of course I am) and I said "don't do that again anymore you know what feelings I have ma'am? For the first time I cried in women" and said "I'm so sorry I promised I'll never go that again next time I will take you on my vacation with my family" and she's gives me a smile.

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After that happened my every day routines will again, go to school with happy smile and greats her after school she arrived to go home as always what we do on our past.

This is my short story guys about that I am falling inlove with my Teacher I hope you enjoy reading this article of mine. I just gonna end up here thank you for supporting me and I promised I write my other stories as good we'll.

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February 08, 2022

Article by Infinity_101 (me)

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