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Among Us Crewmate Tips & Tricks (Skeld Map)

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Alright! Time for some crewmate tips and tricks. The main thing to remember as a crewmate is to maximize how much other people see you and how much you can see the other people. Of course, you also want to finish your task ASAP and not die though so here's my compilation of the best ways to do that!


  • When doing the align engine task, drag the arrow to the target and before you let go, tap the arrow, or click, at least 3 times very fast. It lets you complete both parts at the same time

  • In the navigation stabilize steering task, you can just tap the target instead of dragging it

  • To fix the comms sabotage, move the dial very slowly around from the very left to the very right. Watch the red dot next to the green dot. When the red dot stops glowing, let go of the dial, and you have fixed the sabotage. Move the dial VERy slowly.

  • When doing the card swipe, swipe the card halfway very slow, and then go swipe the card fast the rest of the way

  • Prime shields task is available from the railing. The prime shields task is a task that makes you get sandwiched with nowhere to run. If u position yourself correctly on the railing, u can still access the task.

  • Sometimes, position is key! When there is someone on cams, use that as an advantage.” Example: you have storage wiring and someone is on cams. Position yourself so you the person who is on cams can see who killed you. This can make u invincible. For the storage wiring, put your body against the wall in the hallway of admin and storage. You can still access the task and you won’t be killed, because someone is on cams.

  • Do visual tasks when people are watching

  • When doing the fuel task in Skeld, storage, go to the right because if the imposter kills you, the person going to admin to comms hallway will see your head from the shadows and see the kill animation.


  • Try to remember where each vent goes. This can help u catch the imposter. Example: someone kills in Electric and the body is reported. If no one was nearby but someone was in security, it might have been them.

  • When voting, look at the people who skipped the vote, or voted for someone random. That person has a high chance of being the imposter. The second or third imposter might not want to vote for their friend so they might vote for someone else

  • When someone follows you to a room of two people, exit the room and hide out of sight for 10 seconds. Go back to the room to see if anyone is dead. This strategy works often

  • There are upload locations and download locations. If someone follows you to admin at the start of the game and sees you are not alone. And the player goes to the upload task, that player is faking. You need to go to a download location before uploading. It is also the beginning of the game so there was not enough time to go do a download task. The download task takes about 10 seconds

  • Never leave the table first. Observe who goes with who, where, and what color that person is. If someone is found dead, you can say "Red killed Orange! Red was walking with Orange to weapons and now Orange is dead in Navigation!"


  • As crewmate and imposter, in the waiting lobby, pay attention to the game settings, it can help you a lot. 

  • As a crewmate NEVER follow someone you know and who knows you are safe. Everyone else will think you are sus

  • Pay attention to your report button. Even if you can’t see the body, it can be there, hidden. The report button will glow when there is a dead body nearby. Sometimes the body is hidden beneath a player or behind a navigation chair. There are other places in the map where the body can be easily hidden

  • Turn your sfx on. If you are very near a kill, you can sometimes hear a kill sound

  • When you see a body ALWAYS REPORT. You will look very sus if you stand over the body and not report

  • AVOID STACKING. The imposter can go in the stack and kill in plain sight without being caught.

  • Three of the safest places in the game during lights out are the nav hallway, the upper cafeteria in the middle, and as far Northwest as possible inside comms. The imposter will have trouble seeing you in those places. The imposter usually doesn't go there to check if anyone is there.

  • The security cameras will blink a red light if someone is watching the cameras in security.

  • Avoid frequenting dead ends without cameras (in most cases.) All of electrical, lower engine bottom left, anywhere in comms, the task inlet in shields and weapons download just to name a few. Safer dead ends typically have camera support, such as Medbay, Navigation, Reactor, and Admin. Be alert when going into those locations with cameras off.

  • Most people don’t know this, but when in a game to kick someone out click the kick button during an emergency meeting or report. Click on the name of the person you want to kick. Everyone will have to choose that person to kick too.

  • When trying to get someone’s attention, try dancing on top of them

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thanks for your tricks

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