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Verse in the multiverse of meme land

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1 month ago
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Verse madness is about to begin very soon and making meme are always too much fun specially to kill boredom i always take help from Meme's

Every time when my mood is off Meme's always help me to laugh and forget about other boring things

So been long since watching Meme's everyday and because of that i have tons of idea's in my mind to make Meme's on different things

And every time seeing a template the very next second idea will be in my mind to make that meme

Sometimes to tease my friend through a meme or a meme contest I'm always ready with my Meme's

Before starting Meme's let's have some talk on verse public sale

Not doing Kyc for verse

Finally a long awaited verse public sale white listing started and sadly it require kyc

And the one thing i don't Like about kyc is seeing my ugly face

Not an issue uploading government issued identification but take a selfie is a serious issue

That's why Decided to ignore kyc and verse sale completely

And now don't know if I'm missing a millionaire opportunity but realised it will launch on ETH first so i don't want to pay those high fee's on ETH

I'll be okay paying low fee's on SmartBCH though if bridging verse from eth to SmartBCH doesn't cost high fee's than it's obviously worth to buy verse from sale

But for now i only see making meme on verse is a good opportunity.

Reason behind making verse meme

Sometimes we don't need any reason to make meme but it's crypto verse where Meme's contest is more like blessings

There is a ongoing meme contest by which I've discovered through PVM

Coz i was inactive almost missed to catch things on time but still Able to take part in contest.


Not much strict rule and more than 1 meme is allowed so i decided not to miss though lot's of peoples have already took part and some meme idea's were already created

But still got a lot of ideas to make meme on verse

Will end on 27th when stranger things will arrive.

Now let's move towards meme i created for this contest.

rick roll of 22nd century

First idea i got was to make something related to rick roll and one thing perfectly suits

Context behind this meme is every time open wallet it will appear verse add if it doesn't appear while opening wallet then after entering into a news section while reading it will appear eventually at any point

More likely rick trying to roll people's and there's no way to survive from this rick roll. wallet wearing a mask

Somehow based on a same thing but directly relating with wallet

This meme Template is always my favorite one and it perfectly fit's there

Coz it was annoying when this poster was showing up every time we open wallet to check balance.

Specially when device is lagging and this appears i be like keep this on and i won't open again.

Verse give peoples feelings of power

People's think money or status give them power meanwhile reality in another verse is

Having verse in portfolio gives actual power and theirs a reason behind this meme which makes it perfect

This is what I'm most excited for this verse card is something unique and time to say goodbye to debit or credit card coz verse gives actual power we'll see in future.

Raised $33million in a bear market

When bulls and bear's are fighting on the other side verse

Who raised $33m from private sale which isn't a big deal for a company like but still verse defeat both bulls and Bear's.

When she is home alone and call you and you're on way then you realise verse sale is about to begin in next 5 minute's and you forgot mobile in home

Reversing back to home coz verse before hoes.


These are some of Meme's I've made and will make more till last day I'm making like one or two meme everyday

Last day i was sleeping woke up late night at 2am and got idea to make some meme.

Anyways let me know who will buy verse from sale or who will buy when it will be listed on dex

I'm going to buy all in verse when it will be listed on dex and i believe most of people's will buy at that time instead of seller's their will be more buyer's as far i know people's don't like kyc specially when it's DeFi.

Also in the end not a meme but a fact coz of noise cash and read cash i meet stranger that turned into my best friend's and best people's ever been in my life

It's a blessings and we all are lucky to be a part of this family.

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Written by   464
1 month ago
Topics: Verse, Meme, Defi,, Wallet, ...
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im unable to do verification, always failed when i attempt

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1 month ago

Try to ask team for help they'll fix your issue.

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1 month ago

All the memes are stunning and showing your interest in verse project. Whitelist invitation got already and hope soon KYC will get approval. Happy to be part of Verse earlier.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Thank you true I'm interested in verse but not doing kyc will buy when listed on dex and yea Happy to be early in the ecosystem

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1 month ago
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