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The Wallet Got More Better Now

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2 months ago


In this Market situation everyone in crypto is shouting to Build, Rebuild or Make thing's better and recently while using wallet I Got a new update and tried it out to find out what's coming or becoming Better.

Turned out Update was something worth it though there's not that much changes but just getting into a new shape till next bull run we will see something very unique in this wallet.

Anyway, Another day I took off from college and it was because of Rain and sickness of season changing into winter. Wallet Turning into DeFi wallet

We all know is a non custodial wallet where key's belong to us and can store assets like Bitcoin, ETH and BCH etc.

But when I was updating and saw the new Name

It is now official that soon wallet will be working as a DeFi wallet just like Metamask or trust wallet.

I was sure about this long ago since they've planned to launch Verse products.

The Verse Sale

Now the Verse Sale is ongoing and it started when market was going up doing Good but all of a sudden this FTX thing happened and now it has an impact in their sale as well.

Which is Going slowly and lastly I haven't checked it at all. Since, The minimum amount required to Join the sale is $500 ain't able to even look at.

Anyway, in the coming time we might be able to use Dapps like dex of Verse and other through same wallet.

It is Going to be something Big as they're really expanding by adding new coins support in wallet and new product or fulfilling needs of users all in same place.

Polygon (Matic) wallet Now Available in wallet

After the latest version I have Got a new notification that now it also have Matic support.

Now we can swap or buy any of assets like BCH, ETH into Matic and can store it in the same wallet without moving into exchange and all efforts or risks are now less through this way in my opinion.

All we need is to Go into Swap and choose Matic than click on add wallet and this will appear.

After creating polygon wallet it will open the door to buy, sell or store Matic in this wallet.

All in One Wallet

Now I can say using this wallet was never a bad choice of mine as it is now turning into a hub where all of coins with much adoption or usecases will be able to HoDL instead of exchange.

So far Avax, BCH, BTC, ETH, Matic are all available in same wallet and I personally have only BCH which means I need to work on ETH or Matic side before the next bull run comes.

In the Same wallet it do support most of the ERC20 Coins like Sand, Sushi, Shib, USDT, wrapped BTC or ETH and even BAT etc but I won't choose ERC20 as it's expensive side to look at for someone like me.

As of now I haven't tried swapping into any assets so I can't say what fee's does it cost to swap an asset into other.

It surely depends what you're exchanging like BCH doesn't cost that much fee's but on Bitcoin it will end up costing more fee's and also wallet itself have some fee's which isn't something I'm sure just like a common thing exist everywhere in this ecosystem so ain't a big thing.


I think so it should also support NFTs and to be honest have seen team working and building new stuff or making sure to Give it maximum user experience is something Good.

Before this latest version we had faced an issue like not able to see transaction coming in wallet from history but it is working smoothly now ever since this happened.

In the end would like to know your thoughts about this new feature and have you ever tried swapping within the wallet and if so what was the fee etc.

Also in next coming days Gonna make sure to bring another Wallet that I found really Fascinating and interesting soon.

For now do let me know your favorite thing about wallet and your favorite wallet to store assets.

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Written by   523
2 months ago
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I hope to see more updates and features very soon

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2 months ago

That's an Obvious thing I can expect.

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2 months ago

Maybe in the next update they add more features as well

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2 months ago

Obviously I'm pretty sure they'll bring more features.

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2 months ago