Some interesting features and tools in Smart BCH

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Back with another interesting thing, in this topic will share about some interesting tools and features exist in Smart BCH obviously in these couple of months I've learnt alot and in start it was hard to understand each thing not too hard like other chains Smart BCH is only which is simple and easier than any other for example take ada chain you'll go through difficulties but In

SmartBCH there's many different tools and features which literally make your life easier and less confusing so if you're in Smart BCH from so long than you might know about some of these things but still I'll try to share each and every from small to big things with you to make it easy for yourself and those who are new or looking towards setting Smart BCH.

I was not in mood to continue today but also don't want to waste my time that's why a cup of coffee helped me alot to do something productive and I'm here.

Anyways little bit confused from where to start so let's start with beginning.

Devs in Smart BCH always developing something useful

In these 6months i keep seeing devs around Smart BCH with unique ideas and concept helping Smart BCH to develop and build a strong community.

I know many devs working on multiple things and currently to be honest Smart BCH is on development mode, like we don't have a decentralised bridge which will exist after may (not confirmed) or sooner and it's being developed or test whatever we all are waiting for it so Smart BCH adoption will continue increasing ahead.

Every dev is working for their own ideas and different purposes like webeli (dev) behind building and optimizing it for a better user experience

Jay (oasis dev) doing his duty to make oasis more better and reliable.

Also some Devs developed many bridges so peoples can send their BCH into Smart BCH and outside Smart BCH easily without any hurdle or difficulties

Some are developing currently on different things such as NFT staking Dapp and Games on Smart BCH.

So it's too early and we all are in begining stage where Smart BCH is still under construction and lot's of labours are doing their duty meanwhile we are eating sweet fruits and spending good time around.

Some interesting features and tools exist in Smart BCH

Now we all might know or heard about these tools or I'll share it's use case and all exciting things exists in smart BCH or if i missed anything must remind me later

For now these are some interesting tools and features we'll talk about

  • Mistswap two way bridge

  • Tangoswap Smart aggregator

  • Buying sep20 directly from

  • Tracking our trades easily in Smart BCH with help of tool

  • Finding all existing projects in Smart BCH

These are the only things or tools in my mind for now if i missed any will work on it later but for now it's enough.

Mistswap inbuilt two way bridge

First feature we all should remember and know in Smart BCH because it's always useful for everyone, newbie or old it help both of us in two ways

In short we can bring BCH in Smart BCH and take our BCH outside smart BCH in just seconds

I already shared my experience and procedure using this feature in depth: i tried mistswap bridge for first time to move BCH into SmartBCH

Tangoswap dex aggregator

Next useful tool is by one of most TVL dex in Smart BCH (tangoswap) behind a dex aggregator from where we can buy anything at it's best price

With help of aggregator it give you best offer by finding a best route for a purchase or sell

For example if you buy 1000 usd worth law from mistswap you may get 500Law and when you'll use dex aggregator 1000 usd you may get 520 law more or less that's why tango swap aggregator is useful sometimes.

Buying sep20 tokens directly from

Last day update arrived which changed alot of things and personally loved the new update because it make things so easy to buy directly through

With this "Buy" option it will redirect us to

And if our metamask is connect than we buy it easily and this feature is best for PC users because they use extensions and mobile users like me use metamask and i only use meta to buy and sell so this feature isn't useful for me but for other peoples it is very useful and quick.

Also full integration of will be realised in next update.

Dexscreener in smart BCH or DeFi Llama

Some peoples prefer dexscreener instead of using because doesn't show real time reflection sometimes and dexscreener is better in many case some peoples still don't know about it so this is easiest way to find about token progress

SmartBCH dexscreener help in two things such as

A chart of token and order history both is real time so i prefer dexscreener over

DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama show Smart BCH over all total locked value in USD or BCH so i sometimes visit their to see progress and also to check which dex is leading and have most TVL in Smart BCH.

Tracking trades is too easy with this tool

I'm tracking my trades with help of spreadsheet but not everyone have enough time to do this so theirs a better option to find our records and more uses

It's one of useful tool peoples used to spy or manage risk while investing in project because with help of this tuxpaper tool person can calculate holden by token owner or other peoples

Also by adding own address we can find our trades and i mostly check if i sold a NFT with help of this tool so this might be useful for you in different ways.

Finding all existing things in smart BCH

Last but not least, mostly this thing is useful to kickstart journey in Smart BCH because everything about Smart BCH or BCH exist there

And I'm talking about

It's been more than 6months in Smart BCH and i still use this to keep in touch with what's new in Smart BCH and is best and easiest way to know each and every thing about projects or dex and all kinds of things exist in Smart BCH is easy to find.


For now these are the only thing i remembered which is useful and we all should know about and i kinda missed alot of things yet so next time will bring more for now let me know if this helped you in any way.

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