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Mistakes No one Should Repeat in a Bull Run

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1 month ago


New month is here, already 1st day of the month is gone and seems like this month is going to end tomorrow - so fast or maybe I'm too busy

Whatever, it is 2;33 Am and can't sleep because i don't want to be inconsistent and unproductive when it's just a new month.

Anyway thought instead of going to sleep i should remember mistakes I've did in 2021 bull run and spread the lesson ahead so people don't do mistakes in the coming bull run time.

Though, i hope everyone of you had celebrated BCH anniversary in your own style.

Lemme know it in comments and maybe in the coming day will do something special (no promise) but will try my best.

A quick Flashback before bull run

In only one year i saw a bull and bear market together. It is something miraculous & I'm the witness or victim of both phases.

I was immature because of being a newbie into crypto space back in 2021 (told ya 600099 time's).

End of January was a time of my new beginning in crypto verse and the craze of learning more & more new things was at it's peak.

People were saying it is a bull market meanwhile i was just curious to know what does that even mean later i realised I'm too lucky being early before start of bull run and i literally messed up everything.

Bull run happened & Gone in a blink of eye. as a newbie i thought it will last at least for an year seeing other people excited for it and the hype back in time was too much fun.

And the lesson's i learned after a bull run it is worth sharing with you guys.

be prepared for the bull run

The first lesson of 2021 bull run is you must "be prepared for the bull run" Mentally or physically otherwise will only suffer from loss.

I wasn't ready when the bull run happened. I was learning what i should've avoided at that time. bull run is the time to find Gem's instead of learning useless thing's. They're useless coz it won't help you in anyway.

i was only two months old and still remember my mistake of learning trading, reading charts, analysis etc when bull run was about to start. I was too dumb back then.

Stop trading in the bull run

Trading isn't meant for everyone and there can be situation or fluctuation in market at bull run times which will lead you sell in panic or even worse.

I don't meant to say stop trading but always wait for the right time.

Biggest mistake of mine was doing trading in the bull run times instead of holding an asset and make shit tons of profit easily.

(My POV) Why to trade? When you can make good enough profit filling bags with good coins and holding till reaches new highs.

prefer your need's over want

One of my mistakes was not able to control my own wishes. I wanted to buy a laptop and sold 100% of my portfolio to buy it.

Later after few day's that coin was pumped 20x and i missed the biggest profit's ever.

So don't be desperate learn to be patient and only if it's need selling a part of portfolio makes sense.

Though don't hesitate to fulfil your wishes from profits earned in bull run. Win - win situation.

delete twitter or any social media when bull run is at it's peak

The only reason I'm saying to delete twitter is "So called influencer" misguides everyone

Like in 2021 bull run each of them was claiming $500k BTC is coming at the end of 2021 blah blah (etc) but we all know it never happened

Telling other people to buy and filling own pocket is something they're best. That's why I'll prefer to remove twitter when i think it is the peak of bull run or better not to listen anyone else.

This is something people follow blindly and get trapped or Reckt.

Always book your profit's

Mostly of people do this mistake coz of greed they don't sell anything even being in good profit's and later they cry when market crashes.

I'm a living example of this. Literally the worst mistake of mine in fist bull run of my life was not booking any profit

And kept making my fool saying I'll hold this coin for couple of years

Now my current portfolio is 10 times lesser than it was in bull run.

So don't be like tom who's lazy to take out profit be like You - a bit responsible and careful.

So these are the lessons i learned from all of mistakes in the past and My first bull run of life. Hope so it will benefit other's.

I have learned lesson doing these mistakes and might have missed so if you want to add something more feel free to do so.

Still a long way to go for new bull run probably or technically its in 2024 meanwhile some were already talking about that trying to fool and manipulate them like always.


As far i know we're in a situation where everyone is confused some saying BTC under 10k or some are claiming $40k back before the end of year

Meanwhile I'm just buying my favorite coins and holding few stablecoin for both situations.

Hope you all are ready for any situation as we know whole world is changing or becoming something else in the name of hyperinflation.

Also i wish you all a blessed and healthy August ahead. First day was so hectic for me and too tired now while writing this it's 3am already or I'm dying for sleep but haven't used social media so going to spend one hour on it and than will take a long sleep.

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Written by   498
1 month ago
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I agree with you. I joined crypto market in December 2021 and when bull run started in February the price of BCH also goes till 385$ and it's worth for me as i didn't see this price of Bitcoin cash. But rumors spread some gossips that it would go above 400$ so don't sell it. Now i realize too that ignore people and listen what your mind say

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1 month ago

Lemme tell you that at that time those rumors were correct BCH ATH in bull run was $1650.


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1 month ago

In every mistake, there is always a lesson. Our mistakes will make us become a better version of ourselves. Anyway. I actually forgot that yesterday was BCH’s 5th anniversary. I feel bad for myself tho. I'll make it up to BCH next year, hehe. It's nice meeting you. Stay safe and you around.

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1 month ago

Indeed, you said it very well.

No need to feel bad it happens - Next year will come and Gonna celebrate together in community!

Nice meeting you too. Stay safe.

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1 month ago

I have made some similiar mistakes of not booking profits probably thinking about the on to the moon phrase, lol. My positions were good and I even got to see many coins in their ATH for 2-3 days still I opted it for future without realising that bull run is over and next cycle will be after 4 years and I don't have that patience, lol. I should have sold at least 50% of those investment. Now regretting a bit.

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1 month ago

Now I'm also regretting but Gotta move on it ain't going to help us but improve in the next bull run.

I literally did the same mistake but well it's bear market and don't want to do any mistake.

No place for mistakes when it cost you profits😂

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1 month ago

Patience is always the key. I also have something to buy but I am waiting until his very moment. I only have few bch and I am holding it now wishing the bch will pump and rise soon.

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1 month ago

Indeed patience is the key and really wish BCH to pump so you and i wait comes to an end.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

How we wish.. Not just you and me but all bch holders.

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1 month ago

Thank you for sharing your experience, it will help the traders. I am sure people would be more careful in future, like you if they had such experience.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

My pleasure. I hope it will help them and being careful is an important thing in trading.

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1 month ago