Meet Lawpunks The leading NFT project in SmartBCH

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Everyday i wake up just to see NFT floor of lawpunks increased by another 2x or 3x or it's floor is just going up non stop even in the time of bear market which is only possible when an NFT project have team like BlockNG and only NFT or protocol leading in SmartBCH.

In my last topic talked about law performance or other BlockNG token and today's topic is all about lawpunks NFT coz their value and performance is remarkable in SmartBCH.

The only project with massive potential missed by plenty of many people including me, was enjoying the marriage back than when minting was live and not only me tons of other people have missed minting meanwhile only few of people have minted in hundreds or more NFTs which are now whales of SmartBCH or they've full control on BlockNG either it is law token or Dao those whales who bet most in the beginning owns the protocol.

Lawpunks leading NFTs in SmartBCH

No matter if it's the bear market or any news doesn't have any impact on project till now and punk's outside or inside SmartBCH is always been doing so great.

Lawpunks have different kinds of species like vampire, alien, robot, human, monkey etc and their floor is rising each and Every day.

We will start with the initial minting of punk NFT - happened an year back.

Initial Minting of lawpunks

The minting price was 0.01bch of each punk and BCH back then was at $700 above and 0.01bch was cost around $5 more or less.

Within less than year NFT floor increased by more than 200x for a normal human punk and rare NFT floor like vampire is increased more than 1000x within an year still going up as it have enough potential.

Floor of normal human punk

It's insane when a normal human punk value has Increased by more than 200x or kept increasing nonstop in the recent days

Human punks having good power or level & look wise is getting sold easily for more than 3bch as you can see above.

And some people are listing normal human with low bloodline for 5bch or more coz they see future.

Though normally human punk are being sold for more than 1.5BCH to 3BCH - depends on punk visibility or power.

Rare specie's of lawpunks floor

Every specie have different floor no matter if it's alien, vampire or skeleton floor decides there look and as i know it has increased more than 1000x overall.

Let's start with the floor price of skeleton Punk

Just a random skelly listed for 4000 law approx, its worth around 12BCH more or less that means skelly floor has reached above 10BCH in one year which is exactly more than 1000x from minting price.

Demon punk floor price

I've seen plenty of demons listed around 2000-5000law so the floor is from 5 to 10 BCH.

Mummy Punk floor

The most favorite lawpunk NFT of mine is mummy and the floor is more likely 15bch more or less.

I Regret Selling Alien lawpunks NFT

Missing my alien coz i sold it too early at the worst timing and for really too cheap coz as of now i heard alien were sold for 8BCH or above 10BCH which is huge

I shouldn't have sold but it's too late at that time i sold it for 700law and holding them till now which was a mistake cost me much more.

Well Good to see aliens getting the floor it deserved.

The Vampire Punks

The vampire lawpunks are King or owns the show coz its floor is above all of em From any other category.

This is the cheapest vampire I've seen sold so far and the floor is above 20bch or around it.

Though they kinda look dope but still i believe in mummy or skeleton supremacy.

Other than that,

Robots punk have different fan base their floor is high on weed just like the one smoking weed in screenshot.


Still SmartBCH lawpunks aren't even close or near to ETH punks

They're still being sold for hundreds of thousands dollar worth ETH and we've still a long way ahead to go.

So those who are into BlockNG completely sooner or later they'll become millionaire or rich meanwhile people like me going to starve and hustle as always.

Where are those who hold at least one lawpunks in SmartBCH? Show yourself in comment or don't forget me when you become rich.

For now, will have a look on other good things or project in SmartBCH still many exciting project with lot of potential ahead - we're still early.

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Topics: LawPunks, NFTs, Ecosystem, SmartBCH, Defi, ...