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I Got Liquidated in BCH futures Blind Trading!

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3 months ago


My day started as usual in the evening and just like every normal day I searched my mobile under my pillow and it was right where I left before sleeping.

I turned my mobile on and started clearing notifications. Perks of being introvert is you don't really have much notifications to clear so I only get notified of discord messages, typical SIM company messages etc.

But today there was an additional notification from binance.

At first I thought it's something like market update BTC or ETH, BNB price but actually it was to tell me "I Got Liquidated".

Yea, Future is really scary thing and I will share my story of the blind future trading journey.

My Blind Trades in Future

Y'all heard about Blind date before but let me introduce you something new. I call it "Blind Trades".

I'm the daredevil so my senses tell me when to take trade and when I do they (binance) beat me like I'm daredevil for real.

But I ain't giving up or crying, trust me just like Mathew aka daredevil Get beaten up badly by king pin or other mafias and still the next day repeating the same thing.

Oh Daredevil sir, Got no chill. It is my second time getting liquidated in futures.

And I bet more are coming in the near future if I keep making blind trades.

What is blind trades?

In simple language from blind trades I meant Trading without doing any kind of technical analysis, not reading any charts, not even checking support or resistance, not doing any fundamental analysis etc.

For me I believe this technical analysis makes no sense except support or resistance part that's it

But in my trade I didn't bothered to check it. Was just Sunday night and been observing market start pumping when the new week is about to start but not really worked this time.

I Got Liquidated in Futures

So, the last night it was like 2am when my 2am depressed personality kicked in and was reminding me that you're a disappointment or a failure.

And that's when I decided to open a trade to prove my alternative self wrong.

The next second after opening long position I was staring like this but didn't panicked for a second.

Closed binance and decided to sleep and after waking up from sleep I'm gonna count my profits.

Well, entry point was when BCH was at $117 and the liquidation was at $112 and I literally set stop loss carefully but don't know how come I got liquidated still.

Trying to understand Goals of CZ!

Ops, I mean "Leverages not liquidation" my brain is spinning after getting liquidated.

Whatever it is I'm gonna understand Goals of CZ.

Man, He's just chilling at some bars or parties still earning millions every day making other people Poor.

I Gotta develop something beyond future trading so I can also chill or enjoy my life while People make me rich more and more everyday.

Is it safe to trade BCH in future?

Yea, in my opinion (for me) it is literally the safest pair to trade in future even setting leverages at 50x.

The reason why I'm so confident is BCH being oversold and it's very clear to long and manage stop loses easily and easier as compared to other coins.

My understanding says when it's close to Two digits in worse case scenario I will Long it to two digits to $130 or above.

And when it reaches to $130- $140 I will open my shorts. It is what exactly happening if you keep an eye on it for a day or more.

I don't know if that makes sense in your perspective but for me I'm Gonna try over and over again.

It's just my opinion I ain't suggesting to start trading BCH in future.

What is safe and Good for me might not for you or other. Even though I Got liquidated in my second attempt

First time I managed to make a little profit from BCH in future and that's what eaten up in another trade

So nothing to worry about as It was a trade using "$11" only, I ain't losing a penny Gonna recover it in next future trade which I'm probably going to take once get confirmation from market.


I hope it was not scary at all or you had fun reading it. Well, let me know if you have ever tried future trading.

Why am I asking? To confirm one thing I've learnt or realized is

Doing trade in future really boost your confidence in trading and exactly what I needed in this trading side.

I do lack confidence but now I'm getting mature or confident enough but obviously not in just two trades. I need to wait a little more and sooner or later I will become Billionaire standing next to CZ.

For now need to end here, I have some more things to say but you know I'm traveling and typing this while on my way.

I had a pretty bad day yesterday and also we lost the match but from bad day I meant "not able to be productive" in any platform.

See ya next time, till then take care and have fun trading BCH.

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Written by   524
3 months ago
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You start trading and still i dony know what is meant by liquidation or whether it's good or bad. I've no idea about this 🤧😤😭

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3 months ago

Haha, liquidation is a bad thing ~ actually worse one.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Ohhh than it's the bad News for you

$ 0.00
3 months ago

i'm sure this wont happen again cause you gained knowledge as well from this experience.... I havent tried futures before maybe will some day..

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Hopefully it won't. Gaining knowledge is the purpose and key.

Yea try it when you're fully ready.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

It's not time for long trades yet 🤣'll ve down until the end of the month 🤣

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Bear market too bad haha but hope so in the end of year we will see a new uptrend.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Future trading is haram in Islam!

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Majority of people disagree with it and say it's not. that's why I do.

$ 0.00
3 months ago