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Growth of smart BCH after Defi Llama tracking

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10 months ago


Most hot topic in whole BCH community nowadays hype of smart BCH is real and things are getting hotter than before in very short time so yeah back with another analysis.

I never thought smart BCH will become this much interested topic in future like only it's been 3months only since smart BCH was launched and i wasted a month taking it non seriously and now after 3months it's my second love after BCH ops both are same thing but smart BCH this word has separate place in my heart and everytime it make me feel smile.

Not only because after losing too much money doing trading than i found smart BCH where i was making profit and it's my luckiest place where i feel happy to have a luck like this.

And also just like how hot and trending topic becoming in community it's growing so impressively and fast which is good thing for whole BCH eco system.

I wasn't a fan of defi or wasn't aware that defi has this much potential in future still defi is just beginning and it will be multi billionaire market in future or it's speed is incredible the way it's growing is so impressive and same goes with BCH it's adoption and peoples are knowing about smart BCH more and more as time is passing away so this all hype is real and still it's just a begining.

My expectations regarding smart BCH before Defi Llama listing smart BCH

When smart bch wasn't listed on Defi Llama i was expecting that total peoples in smart BCH our community is too small and investors are not too rich and dex in smart BCH isn't better

It was because of having lack of knowledge and there wasn't anything or place from where i can know about these things

Like how much BCH is locked in smart BCH and how much BCH exist in benswap,mistswap, muesliswap which one is more rich and popular everything was so confusing

But than i heard about launching of smart BCH in Defi Llama.

Defi Llama announced to list smart BCH

After 3 months since smart BCH was launched we finally heard one good news and it was launch of smart BCH in Defi Llama it's one of place from where we can find track and data about other defi like Eth, sol and every other defi projects

So it's obvious peoples will check which one is new which one isn't popular and where investment is too low and this is how big whales and investors plan to invest in project.

Benefits after Defi Llama started tracking smart BCH

There are many worthy benefits for smart BCH eco system after this announcement and great news. Now more whales or new investors will come to know about smart BCH existence so when they will come to know it mean market will boost and prices will go up eventually

It will effect BCH so BCH adoption will increase more and more just because of this.

More dex will come in smart BCH which will be more beneficial for all of us and I'm talking about more best dex obviously when there are already 3-4 Dex available they know how to give them tough time so it will be a challenge for each and every dex the one who will give better facility and user experience to peoples will have advantage.

More popular project's will come and give peoples opportunities just like AXIEBCH we know it comes from Axie which is one of popular coin exist in whole crypto and it's nft marketplace is one of most popular and they are giving many opportunities to users.

So maybe in future we'll be able to see Sol-BCH ADABCH type things which will bring more attention of other investors I'm not cleared in this so i might be wrong here.

And new whales or big investor like companies might come now because of less popularity which is increasing nowadays.

Growth of smart BCH in just one week after Defi Llama

It's shocking for me after seeing Impressive growth in eco system like it wasn't even in my mind that total BCH locked in smart BCH is this much worth it was totally unbelievable for me when i saw it but than i realised our community is richer and also poor ones are becoming ruch so i don't think there's other community exist in whole community to compare with BCH.

Total value locked and growth is impressive

I took this screenshot few hours back where total value locked in smart BCH is $24million and 7.72$ up in past 24hours and benswap dominance nearly 72%

But wait when i checked it again just now while writing this it was quite shocking for me

Isn't it's shocking?

In just few hours from 24million to $28million is shocking for poor peoples like me and see 17% change in just few hours also a bit increase in benswap dominance.

It's possible that I'm over excited and this increase is just because of BCH price pumped very well but still it doesn't matter.

Total BCH locked in different dex

You all know i was thinking benswap is going down and down but after this clear results it changed my opinion and thinking because benswap is still most popular and richer or older dex exist on smart BCH.

Total value locked in benswap is higher than any other dex but in future more challenge and unexpected things will come but now still it's at finest

Total value locked in dex

In just 7 days almost 250% up seeing in benswap growth which is unbelievable for me coz i was thinking benswap end is near but nope they are proving who's better.

Also now I'm seeing increase in value of mistswap dex and too bad for muesliswap but in future who knows which one of this dex will lead and take first position.

Whole smart BCH market is on bullish mode

Seeing this positive and green things it really effect alot in BCH and smart BCH projects coz right now almost every coin is performing very well and making peoples smile once again

Whole market is performing good and bullish mode on

Good to see these days back after seeing many scams and investors leaving now it's peace and relax after seeing it.

But I've made some mistakes like sold eben back and now it's making new all time high and milk isn't performing very and also Axie and bpad isn't pumping like i expected so still i need to be patient than I'm sure I'll see happy days ahead for now I'm just finding opportunity and seeing market whole day because if i don't see now than I'll loss so many things.

Still those who aren't taking smart BCH serious or not learning about it than they are doing mistake instead of holding BCH i prefer making it more BCH through opportunity given by smart BCH but still without learning it properly I will never take any move coz in just seconds we can loss our all BCH we make since whole life and I've seen some peoples getting poor from being rich in just seconds so it's made for smart peoples and these smart peoples are those who learn properly and do their own proper research every time.

It's still beginning for smart BCH we'll see lot's of upcoming things which will take BCH to next level as it's already going very well but because of smart BCH we can go even more far than our expectations.

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Written by   500
10 months ago
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Smartbch on the go!

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10 months ago

Isn't this awesomeness 😍 let Smartbch be known all over the internet 😍

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10 months ago

This is awesome! One day whole internet will know

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10 months ago

I never heard about this defi llama .

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10 months ago

So now i hope you know about this

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10 months ago

You are one of the reasons I started to take SmartBCH seriously recently. I think its just three days ago, that I started devoting more time to learn about SmartBCH in Metamask. :)

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10 months ago

Glad to know you started taking it s seriously you won't regret about it and hope you'll completely understand it and than will make good profit

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10 months ago

Thank you. :))

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10 months ago