Evolution of games in my life : story telling

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2 years ago

Greetings! The most interesting topic specially for game lovers and I'm going to fresh your golden day memories.

When we hear about gaming our reaction and face's show's how addicted and true lover we are .

Craze of gaming in those days are at peak and now it's going addicted day by day.

So I've decided to share my experience I've experienced in my life.

Joined this Field since decades

It's been 6 years almost being a hardcore gamer or joined community from my childhood when i was 6 years old.

Almost every 90s kid are best and golden gamer's at their time.

But gaming evolved too much in time,today's gaming is much different from those golden day's of our childhood.

Personally I'm addicted with games since start and you're going to love while reading my gaming journey and experience.

Types of games i played and going to share these things in today article :

  • Started with PC games

  • Offline games in mobiles

  • Online games

  • Battleground games

I'll make series on this topic coz i can write whole book with unlimited pages on this topic so it's not going to end like this.

How i got PC

This is all started when i was in class 3 i visited my friend's house and saw him playing game's on PC.

Guess which game was he playing?

I bet 90โ„… gamers say it's GTA and you're true game lover.

Yes he's playing GTA and i was like give me a chance and teach me how it works.

After playing 1 hour at that time we have limit's to play outside and enjoy with friends. Don't know about other country family strict routine for their kids but we Pakistani can relate let me know in comments about your parents restrictions.

I've never experienced any game except cricket before this and after playing with friend i was like I'm not going home today but suddenly i remember time is ending and if i goes late to my home then my parents are going to punish me or will not going to give permission next time.

So i decided to leave my friend home i can't tell how i feel leaving their house.

But move on to next one when i reached home first thing i tell my mother is about my experience I've enjoyed a lot their so i asked my mother to bring me a computer i want to play game's at my own home.

And i didn't expected what my mother is going to say

She was like yes why not but only in one condition

Guess what was it?

Like others 90% of mothers she asked me to get 1st position in class and I'll buy you one PC

From that day i started focusing on my studies it was quite easy for me because i was already doing my best in my previous class and continuously taking positions.

Every day i go outside to play with my friends near my house i ask him to take me to your home we will play some games sometime he give permission but sometime they be like today id cricket day so it was mine favorite and I'm one of best player at that age.

Time passes and day comes results are here going to school with my mom and my heart was like beating with 200mph speed.

Just praying in my mind and after all seeing my result got 2nd position can't fulfil my mother's expectation

But mother's are mother's she motivate me to do more good next time.

In fact she bought me a new PC that night when i got 2nd position and i was like you're best mom in this world.

When i was buying PC i got almost 3 4 game's CDs to play and first one is GTA.

Coming back to home and setting up my new PC and telling my friends and invited them to come and ask one of my friend to install all games I've.

At that age i don't know much about computers coz never studied about this at that time.

Scam we have to face in childhood time

Literally let me know about you guys can relate this or not tell me in comments

So the scam was CDs i bought from shop some time inside wrapper it is different game or sometime it's not run a other different errors .

Most hurting thing in that time.

But i was intelligent and i have plan's let me tell you.

Scams i do with shopkeeper

First of all i want to tell from where I've to buy gaming CDs is not near my house it's almost 20 to 30 minutes traveling long distance.

For this we have to take permission from our parents or asking them I'm going to play with friend and yeah instead of playing going to market to exchange my CDs.

Crossing road in my country is so difficult thing and at age of mine i faced to much horrible things which i will explain in future.

Finally reaching to shop and telling them it's not working and exchange with new one.

We can exchange only 1 to 2 times but i exchanged 5 time's in my time.

After going back to home installing new game next day with my friends reaching to shop and repeating same thing and bought another new game without paying.

It was fun doing this thing and i love to enjoy and experience this moments in my life.

Let me know who can relate this tell me in comments .

This was whole story how i buy PC and started my journey in this community

Game's i played in PC

Most of us i think 99% can relate they also started with this

  • GTA

  • San Andreas

  • IGI I'm going in

  • Call of duty

  • Counter strike

  • Far cry

  • Sega

Many more and more can't describe everything in this one article.

I got beaten from my father

This gaming craze day by day take me in wrong way ( for my parents it was wrong) and I'm agree with them.

So it's all started when gaming centre near my home opened and everyone feel free to play game's .

We have to pay money to get token and it cost 5pkr to get one token .

But people's there are playing other stuff like they are too old age peoples abusing in shop and I'm playing my own game the game i was playing there is taken three and competing with a random person there.

What happened next?

My father just pass away from there and they saw me playing game's and they enter like a boss and slap right in front of everyone and take me to home and i can't tell i got beaten that day twice.

After knowing about why i got beaten and i did mistake i never ever entered that place again.

And now i can feel they are too right and I'm in right path.

Gaming is not a crime but people's in our surrounding are not good . which make our environment bad .

But now I'm very glad to know gaming centre now days are safest place ever as compared to before.

So this was just starting of my gaming career and story about how i bought PC and other surprising things i faced

Series continue next part is coming it is going on next level in coming days suspense i here and can't Wait to write next one.

Let's end today story with a meme everyone can relate.

Yes I'm real gamer

nowadays playing mobile games and calling yourself a gamer is so common so let me end this debate with single meme.


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2 years ago


Wew, that's long journey for a game. Seriously, I'm really not fond on online games or whatever. But, I love shooting games. I love games that more on action. I want that game but that kind of games doesnt want me lol. And we are not that well off to buy a PC. I only got my laptop when I start college, off course my course is about computer so it's really needed, lol.

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2 years ago

Hehe those child hood days are golden one's no stress no tension and now i also need laptop for study purpose

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2 years ago

So you're a 90's kid? Same as me ahaha

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2 years ago

Exactly! Hehehe

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2 years ago

Well I havent experienced having a pc lol! But yeah I have been a gamer just not the same games as those you played but we all get that addiction as for me I just know when to stop myself especially if it affects my studies since I am a breadwinner I would have to make sure I stay as an achiever before and we cant afford a pc...

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2 years ago

We are same then!

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2 years ago

If you want a trippy gaming experience, Google a project called AI Dungeon. Actually, I'll just give you the link. https://play.aidungeon.io/main/newUpdates

It still has bugs, but at least the devs made it free again.

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2 years ago

Going to give it a try thank you for appreciating and telling about this!

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2 years ago

a game that you can explain here by writing about a trick or how you play it

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2 years ago

It's not just a game it's more than feelings !

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2 years ago

Ah GTA is my favorite game, but I play not on PC, but on PlayStation 2, I always rent the rental, for the hour, I always want to own the PlayStation itself.

But I never had money, until 2020 I could only buy it myself, and of course it was very cheap.But after I had it I played it for just a few days and was bored, because I became an online game player, namely PUBG, that's why I get bored quickly with games offline.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

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2 years ago

You have a quite nice experience but wait for last meme specially dropped for pubg lover's๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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2 years ago

But now I have not played for 2 years anymore, because it is not supportive, but I often entertain myself by watching gaming streamers, to get rid of my longing.๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

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2 years ago

Glad to hear this leaving this is more addicted but after joining noise my interest totally changed !

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2 years ago

I am currently just going to new things, so that I can change my life for the better.

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2 years ago

Great thinking doing same ! Best wishes for you brother (อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

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2 years ago

I entered spam, not knowing what my mistake was.:((

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2 years ago

He he same Can't do anything!

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2 years ago