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The prevalent Filipino culture during Pandemic: My observation

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4 months ago
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I made this last year during the beginning of the pandemic where Filipino culture was prevalent as an adaptive mechanism for us to survive.

The first identified cultural element is Filipino cuisine specifically the pandesal.

During pandemic, many business including the restaurants and other food business was highly affected because of the lockdown and quarantine. So, their strategy to gain profit is the pandesal which they made a different flavor and it was suited to the taste of Filipino, and not just Filipino but they bring it also in abroad. Also the other Filipino cuisine like adobo. And they sell it in online and deliver.

Second is language, in my hometown, they used Bisaya in spreading the awareness, information, protocols and current update about covid-19 and posting it on their social media page and also earing it in radio.

Third is religion, despite the social distancing, churches still ongoing with religious activities like mass, wedding, christening, with the social distancing and other protocols. And people hold to their faith that this pandemic will end as soon.

Fourth is music and dance, Filipino are fun of music and dance, and this is one of the strategies during this pandemic. Especially those frontliners who are bottling of covid-19 engaged in exercises, like zumba fitness. Just like in Prince Baybay, before they start their work they have zumba fitness every morning.

Lastly, is the belief of traditional health remedies, specifically the tuob or steam inhalation. People believe that it will help cure the corona virus by inhaling the steam. Filipino believes in traditional remedies like, tawa-tawa for dengue and any other, and Filipino have strong belief about this, especially in rural areas. The vaccine for covid-19 is still on process that’s why they hold and believe in Filipino health remedies.

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