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Adaptive Strategy during the Pandemic

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During the pandemic, people stay in their homes for extended periods of time, abandoning their hobbies, jobs, and other interests. At home, people become stressed and bored. Anxiety and depression are common during this stage. There have also been reports of women being abused by their partners, as well as cyber sex involving minors, which the family refers to as primps. There have also been reports of students committing suicide as a result of the difficulties and stress of independent learning. Furthermore, small businesses are at a standstill.

One of the strategies to overcome stressed and boredom at home is planting flowers and ornamental plants. The so called “plantitos and plantitas” born in this pandemic and open up for business opportunities, another one is the used of social media. The government offers free consultation about mental health. In small businesses they back operating but with strict safety protocols.

People adjust and adapt to their surroundings. In this pandemic, our environment is a threat and not safe at all, and we humans have developed adaptive strategies to keep going and living. Humans and the environment are inextricably linked. Our behavior, culture, and beliefs are influenced by our environment.

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