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The Anatomy Of A Crisis

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2 months ago
Topics: Money

Here is the economic effect of the Coronavirus:

It is the DOW Jones index. It is already done!

We are officially in a recession which is going to be bigger than any you have ever seen before.

It is OVER!

Let me explain why.

As it turns out, Trump is nothing but a socialist, disguised as capitalist. I keep saying that all the politicians are socialists at their core, since the whole institution is socialist. And I have just totally been proven right.

The main problem for America is that the country doesn’t have surplus, but a huge pile of debt instead. People like John Stossel keep alerting the citizens that government debt is not funny.


Simply because then you don’t have money to pay to the people.

So here is the anatomy of crisis:


The government promised to bail out every single business. But even if they do bail out even just one, that would be one more than we need: any business which has to be bailed out in times like these is a SHITTY business — it means their management is worthless, since don’t have surplus to use in situations like these.

This is just insane!

The same applies on the individual level. If you don’t have money to support yourself for 6 months if it is needed, then you are already a communist. Those who are planning intelligently to use their money are called hoarders by the zombies, who have no idea how to use money.

The very same logic applies to companies. It doesn’t matter if you are Boeing, if you don’t have surplus you are a terrible company who needs to DIE!

If you don’t have economic knowledge, then your instincts tell you that it is natural that we help companies in need. It is NOT!


Because they need to go bankrupt! There are many investors everywhere who can’t wait to make the new Boeing or anything, replacing the bad company with a good one!

This is called market cleansing!

Imagine if I tell you that I am going to pay for all of your mistakes forever. Doesn’t matter what damage you cause, I am going to bail you out.

How much you would care about avoiding mistakes?

So we have a bunch of shitty companies whose mistakes are forgiven forever, therefore they are going to have MANY mistakes.

These are called zombie-companies. They are dead, but the government keeps them alive artificially.

This essentially makes the stock market an overpriced mess. It is all FAKE!

It sounds good investing in companies which the government keeps safe, the only problem is that it is going to destroy the value of the local currency, which is the dollar, in this case. So why would you invest anything in a country whose currency is failing?

Of course, right now the dollar performs well: the people have no clue about what is happening so they keep buying it, all the while not realizing that the government can make infinite amount of it — which destroys its overall value!

The very same applies on cryptocurrencies. They are infinite, therefore they are worth shit, and they follow the DOW anyway.

Same with the notorious money- and wealthy- haters (socialists). Here is what happens if you don’t love money: you are going to be bankrupt! So you should decide whether it is worth it or not.

If you don’t love your car, the same will happen with it. Worth it? NO!

On the other hand, if you love your car, you understand it and respect it, the car is going to be in good shape for a long time. So why not behave the same about money?



Forget about Coronavirus. This is not a thing anymore. It doesn’t matter at all. All the nations are shutting down their economies, one after an other.

Since the virus only threaten old people (and those with pre-existing chronic medical conditions like asthma and diabetes), the logical step would be to quarantine old people (and those at risk) and leave the young people to continue working!

At this point, I believe all the claims about mutations are lies. These people deliberately wanted to shut down the whole world, to re-apply socialism again. Even if what they say about the virus is true, what they're doing about it shows their true colors (and it is not like a rainbow).

Can you explain to me why the government doesn’t provide a high-quality, transparent face mask with filters instead of destroying the whole economy?

What about something like this?

Yes, this is awkward. But definitely not as awkward as a depression, right?

Remember that in the case of H1N1, nothing happened like this. And that was even more deadly than the Coronavirus.

Yes, I think even the virus was planned. Keep reading and you will understand why.

Now the economy is shut down, and the government promising to bail out everybody.

We have mentioned that the government is in debt, so where the money will come from???

Of course from the printing machine!

Quantitative easing is just a fancy name for turning on the printing press.

Now what will happen if you print money without backing the economy it?


Inflation means that the dollar going to collapse, and your savings (if you have) are gone.

Of course, the government could borrow money from let’s say Germany, which didn’t enslave their people to debt, the only problem is that Germany has Coronavirus and they need their own money.

Go printing press, go!

So eventually the money you get going to be worthless pieces of papers.

And by the way, WHAT do you planning to buy with it IF nobody is working???


Panics have two different results: 1. making you believe that you need the government (hard-core socialism), and 2. collapsing the stock market.

Ironically when Trump announced his socialist bailout plan, the stock started to perform slightly “better”, but this should have made the people more afraid instead. You don’t want to invest your money in a socialistic economy.

These things apply world-wide. Every politician is doing this. Surplus countries are going to perform well, while others are most likely facing hyperinflation.

It is so obviously wrong on every level that one can’t believe that it wasn’t a deliberate attack on humanity (on capitalism). Remember the better capitalism performs, the less you need governments, so they have to do something to prevent this, which is called recession.

We can observed this in the Great Depression, in the 2008 crisis and here we go again!

There are other idiocies worth mentioning such as preventing price gauging, which is effectively destroys the incentive in the people to help each other, AS WELL as the ability to do that (thanks Amazon for being fully retarded)!

The other thing is the compressed opening time, which makes the people to go more in numbers to the shops.

Or what about artificially manipulating the interest rates?

Like I said, it is all seems painfully deliberate.

Even if Trump somehow manage to prevent the collapse, it will going to happen later anyway. The FED artificially overprice the stock market which makes you believe that the economy is booming, while it is NOT! These are called bubbles, and they tend to burst. And as long as the people refuse to gain financial knowledge, these things are going to keep happening in order to make socialism great again.

They say Trump most likely has lost the election. But at this point, it doesn’t matter, since you can vote only for socialism, regardless of which scammer are in charge.

Give a favor to the world and learn about economics (Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, etc.).

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Written by   1
2 months ago
Topics: Money
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