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If I just wish I could.

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1 year ago
Topics: Life

Every day your love for him is wasted.

Why don't you see as if you are the only one who's fighting so that you two can last longer.

You put up with everything even if it hurts. Why don't you see that I'm just here.

I am willing to do everything as long as you enjoy. Unlike him, you will not be given a little appreciation.

But why can't you still leave him?

If only I had been the first, You first met, I wish your eyes would never shed tears because of him.

The sadness of your yesterday I hope you forget, Listen to me and give in.

Because I can no longer watch that you are struggling. I'm just here.

When he hurts you, go to me. When he leaves you, I'm just here, right?

I can not do anything,Even if I don't want to. I endure even I'm just the second.

And I will be your helper whenever you have a problem. And I keep hoping you might notice that I love you, even though you love someone else. if only I was really the first.

I try to stop, I also try to avoid falling for someone who can't reciprocate my love that was preceded by others.

When someone once also promised you that you would not be hurt. And to make you cry, now he is the reason.

You rely on uncertainty. Open your eyes. Someone else was there. that you are ready to be catch every time you are released, And that you are ready to be loved and shown that he is more, he will take care of you, you will not be hurt, not like him.

I hope you can imagine that I am forcing it, I feel, even if you do not feel that I am feeling all I can for you. I keep waiting for the unknown to come. I continue to hope that even I will only second, and only a friend , can you consider someone like me. Even if it is difficult to tread, I can handle and I will not give up on you.

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