Coronavirus Pandemic has totally changed my way of life.

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The most terrifying word of 2020 is coronavirus.


No one could have imagined before that such a disease could come to earth and destroy the whole world. The movement of the earth has completely changed due to coronavirus. The result has been a dramatic change in human life worldwide.

That is no exception in my case. Coronavirus has completely changed my life. The beautiful course of my life has come to a complete halt. I was studying in the second year of the Department of Sociology at Dhaka University. Our university has been completely closed since March 17, 2020 due to coronavirus. I was forced to leave the university and return to my village home. I used to live a very beautiful life in university. I had some way of earning, but I had to lose everything because of moving to my village. The negative aspects of coronavirus seem to fall entirely on me.Today I will try to discuss how the negative effects of coronavirus have changed my whole life.

My pride is being a member of a lower middle class family it was very much proudly for my family that I had the opportunity to study at the University of Dhaka, (which is one of the best educational institutions in Bangladesh). Everything was going well. But since the beginning of 2020, coronavirus has been spreading worldwide. And it has completely ruined my life. I had two scholarships and two tuitions from which I received a fairly good amount of money. With which income I was going through my varsity life quite independently. But step by step the trauma came into my life, and the first trauma was:

Leaving my tuition:

There was a descent amount of money coming from two tuitions. But due to coronavirus, the varsity hall was closed from March 17, 2020 and I had to leave the hall and move to the village. And today, till March 2, 2021, the university was closed and I could not join the tuition. There is no work in the village except eating and using the phone. My al sources of income was totally vanished . And it greatly affected my economic situation.

My scholarship is closed:

I also had been getting good money from scholarships. But because of coronavirus, my scholarship was discontinued in early 2020. Here, too, a catastrophic financial crisis came to life.

Destruction of my Study:

When I came home to the village, my studies stopped completely. But while I was in university, I had a study trend. This is also because of the pandemic. And today, until the second March of 2021, a whole year has been passed from my life without studying.

Becoming Burden for my Family :

Being a highly educated boy, I have been a cause of annoyance to family members for over a year at home.

Distance between my friends & me:

I haven't seen my friend for a whole year just because of the coronavirus. That also created a huge gap between us.

Online class came to me as a curse:

For coronavirus govt. asked the educational institutions to start online class. But it also had a negative impact on my life. Because I don't have the device to attend online classes. And because of not being able to attend regular online classes, I fell behind of my class mates.


In addition to these, there are many other negative effects of coronavirus in my life that need a lot of time to discuss. But this is not the appropriate time to say.

So, here is the end of my discussion. I don't know how you took this article. I hope you will look at it with a forgiving sight if I make any mistake here.

Thank you very much.

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