How Do You Set Your Mindset

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1 year ago

Do you often think before saying anything?

Or you often don't think before saying anything?

Mostly, people can't be stopped from saying something. As human nature likes, people are beings who want to be heard.

How about, your words will hurt someone? Or in the worst case, got someone in a trauma?

I want to share some of my interactions with these kind of people.

When someone is new in a line, everyone should know that he/she is just a beginner. So basically, he/she can't do everything in that line excellently.

I was exhilarated by the thought of playing mobile legend, so I installed it. I am literally a newbie. However, it's just not nice to say that I am still a weakling. Instead of saying so, why don't you just teach me how to play the game well?

You keep on saying things that can hurt me, when in fact, you didn't even contributed for myself to be good at playing.

Also, I have this friend who is kind of boastful.

He keeps on commending his self to the point that he drags people down.

Words are words. But will really cause a huge blow in someone's soul.

You? How do you set your mindset?

Is it set being selfish? Or being selfless? Judgmental or rational?

Set it for the betterment of everyone.

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