when love hurt and when love heal

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Nothing is sweeter than love and nothing is hurter than when love hurt, love is the greatest sensation, it feels like the ocean which we can not swim to reach the end, then make you feel like you are floating.


I was always silence over everything and never for once think of going extra Miles, you know what I was feelings? This was the feelings of love in me, you know the feelings when no one can hurt you until it was loves itself, now making you to go nowhere and be seeing no place to calm down your head.

I was told when you feel hurt, the only thing you needs is nothing than yelling on a river bank, it is a good ones to calm down your nerves and take you out of flowing ocean, food is nothing comparing to heart breaking, heart broken can makes one at to see life as something you have to say i never had enough.

Then i have been thinking, what better can we do to safeguard our heart from hurt and bad thoughts, is heart break even real? i tends to ask myself this question until the day i see the real love, that it can hurt so much when unfavorable situations erupt.

At times i wish i didn't get myself into this situation and most at times, i see it as a part of life, the answer still remains, we should not feel bad for the rest of our life, no matter what is better we should let go and face what is to come..

I realized that hurts is like a match stick that when you crushed on the matchbox it won't light and after sometimes, it would start coming, therefore, it is advisable you make good used of the fire before it quench, although this assumption can relate in all situations.

Yet, It all depends on what we want and what we ought to achieve. say no to heart breaking and lived a good life. one love.

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Keep going no matter what.

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