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Understanding The Different Types of Cryptocurrency

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27 October 2020

Cryptocurrencies can act like real money in a sense they are real money- but they take the form of digital currency or virtual form and are not managed by any central authority. No banks, governments or any middleman need to be involved. What provides security is that they are encrypted(secured) with specialised computer code called cryptography. They are designed like a complicated puzzle so they are hard to crack or hack.

The cool kids call it 'Crypto' so now you know what we will calling it forward.

Crypto Tokens VS. Coins

All coins and tokens can fall under the category of crypto and they generally go into specifically named categories: Alternative Cryptocurrency (Altcoins) or Tokens.

Alternative cryptocurrency Coins (Altcoins)

It usually refers to that coins which are not Bitcoins, for example Peercoins, Litecoin,DOgecoin and Auroracoin. In fact, the name 'Altcoins' actually means "alternative to bitcoin". Namecoin is the very first Alternative to Bitcoin created in 2011.

Most Crypto like Bitcoin have a limited supply of coins. There are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be used and once they are finished that's it. The only way to bring more is for Bitcoin's protocol to allow for it.

Many Altcoins declare to be better variations of Bitcoin, however most of them are constructed upon the same basic framework as Bitcoin. Still, every system usually differs from one other, as they’re created to serve various functions and purposes, and recognized in several methods. And some coins don’t work with the same open-source protocol that Bitcoin does. For instance, currencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Omni, Nxt, Waves, and Counterparty have created their very own separate system and protocol—and are self-supporting.


Unlike Altcoins, tokens are created and given out via an Intial coin offering, or ICO, very very similar to a stock providing. They will be represented as value tokens (Bitcoins), security tokens (to guard your account), or utility tokens (designated for particular makes use of).

They should not a lot meant for use as money as they're used to explain a function. Like American dollars, they signify value however they aren't in themselves of value. Tokens are a sort of encryption, specifically referring to the long lines of numbers and letters representing the crypto utilized in a transaction.

The Role of Miners In Cryptocurrency

How precisely do you get your digital fingers on various kinds of cryptocurrency? You can purchase it the old school means, or you can trade it on an exchange using other crypto.

Then there are the miners. Miners often don’t pay immediately for his or her crypto; they earn it with their smarts. These tech savvy traders could be in comparison with the prospectors of the Old West, panning for gold in 1848.

The gold is already there—it’s simply as much as the compex computer systems to dig it up by cracking codes and solving difficult puzzles. A lot of it's guesswork, however as soon as the “block” (of the blockchain) is solved, the other miners drop what they’re doing and go on to the following block.

If the puzzle is solved, the reward is a specific amount of crypto, and generally even voting energy on the platform.

It requires highly effective, costly {hardware} and lot of electrical energy. Also, the number of awarded crypto will be going down, often by halves each 4 years or so. Unfortunately, that may not do your utility bill any favors.

The most common types of Cryptocurrency

The following cryptocurrencies represent the most widely popular industry projects soo far : -

1. Bitcoin

Possibly the “Kleenex” or “Coca Cola” of all crypto, in that its name is probably the most recognizable and probably the most intently related to the cryptocurrency system.

There are currently  greater than 17.6 million Bitcoin tokens in circulation, towards a gift capped restrict of 21 million.

2. Bitcoin Cash

Introduced in 2017, Bitcoin Cash is without doubt one of the popular  hottest sorts of cryptocurrency in the marketplace. Its main difference Bitcoin is its block measurement: 8MB. Compare that to the original Bitcoin’s block measurement of simply 1MB. What meaning for customers—fatser processing speeds.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin is more and more utilized in the identical breath as Bitcoin, and it capabilities functions the same way as Bitcoin. It was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former worker or employee of Google. He designed it to enhance on Bitcoin technology-how, with shorter transaction instances, decrease charges, extra concentrated miners.

4. Ethereum

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum  focuses not as a lot on digital foreign money because it does on decentralized applications ( Dapps). You might consider Ethereum as an app store.

The platform is seeking to return management of apps to its real creators, and take away that management from middlemen (like Apple, as an example). The solely one that could make adjustments to the app could be the original creator. The token used right here is known as Ether, which is used as currency by app builders and customers.

5. Ripple

Ripple is a sort of cryptocurrency, however it's not blockchain based. It’s not meant a lot person as it's for bigger corporations and firms, shifting bigger quantities of money (its coinage is called XRP) throughout the globe.

It’s extra well-known for its digital payment protocol greater than for its XRP crypto. That’s as a result of the system permits for switch of monies in any type, be it {dollars} and even Bitcoin (or others). It claims to have the ability to deal with 1,500 transactions per second (tps). Compare this with Bitcoin, which might deal with 3-6 tps (not together with scaling layers). Ethereum can deal with 15 tps.

6. Stellar

Stellar focuses on money transfers, and its community is designed to make them faster and more efficient, even throughout nationwide borders. It was designed by Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb in 2014 and is operated by a non-profit group referred to as  .

Its purpose is to help growing economies that won't have entry to conventional banks and investment opportunities. It doesn’t cost customers or establishments for utilizing its Stellar community, and covers working prices by accepting tax-deductible public donations.

7. NEO

Formerly referred to as Antshares and developed in China, NEO could be very aggressively seeking to turn into a significant international crypto participant. Its focus is wise contracts (digital contracts) that enable customers to create and execute agreements with out using an middleman.

It’s going after its foremost competitors, Ethereum, however NEO lead developer Erik Zhang mentioned  on a Reddit AMA that NEO has three distinct benefits—higher structure, extra developer-friendly sensible contracts, and digital identification and digital property for simpler integration into the actual world.

A NEO white paper explained  that builders can develop sensible contracts utilizing widespread programming languages (resembling Java or C#). Ethereum, alternatively, makes use of its personal programming languages that builders should first study earlier than creating sensible contracts on its platform.

8. Cardano

Cardano aka ADA is used to ship and obtain digital funds. It claims to be a extra balanced and sustainable ecosystem for cryptocurrencies, and the one coin with a “scientific philosophy and research-driven approach.”

That signifies that it undergoes particularly rigorous opinions by scientists and programmers. It was based by Charles Hoskinson, who can also be the co-founder of Ethereum.


Launched in 2016, IOTA stands for Internet of Things Application. Unlike most different Blockchain applied sciences, it doesn’t truly work with a block and chain; it really works with sensible gadgets on the Internet of Things (IoT).

All it's worthwhile to do to make use of it's to confirm two different earlier transactions on the IOTA ledger, which is known as the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), however IOTA creators name it The Tangle.

According to Coin Central  , this implies the gadgets want to have the ability to buy extra electrical energy, bandwidth, storage, or knowledge once they want them, and promote these assets once they don’t want them.

Of course, various kinds of cryptocurrency don’t function in a vacuum—they want just a little human assist to maintain them on the right track. When techniques want an improve or replace, or occasional steering, there are two methods to do that—exhausting forking and comfortable forking.

Forks, Hard Forks and Soft Forks

You might consider a fork like an precise fork, the type you eat with. Each prong represents a distinct open-source code modification, however the prongs are designed to work collectively to help in the main function.

Sometimes, forks occur by chance when nodes begin making copies or if they don't acknowledge conflicting or unfamiliar info or charactersitics . This is what results in the distinction between hard forks and soft forks.

Hard Forks

If a protocol is modified in order that the outdated protocol model is not legitimate, call that a hard fork. This may very well be problematic, as a result of if the older, now-invalid protocol remains to be working, it could lead on you to scratch your head and say, “what the fork?” It might trigger confusion and even presumably a lack of funds, as a result of the outdated and new protocols working collectively are butting heads and making mysteries.

An instance of a hard-fork downside—with Bitcoin, as an example, a hard fork is a should when making adjustments and protocol updates to the Blockchain. The new protocol is cool with the adjustments, however the outdated protocol turns into a sizzling mess, not understanding the brand new exercise happening.

Since the outdated protocol rejects the brand new adjustments as a result of it doesn’t acknowledge them, that causes a site visitors jam or worse. The outdated protocol will claim that the adjustments and updates are usually not legitimate, even when they're. What you then get are two blockchains, one outdated and one new. As these chains develop, so can your issues.

The hard-fork problem, then, is to get all of the nodes on the outdated protocol to change to the brand new protocol , and on the identical time. This sounds straightforward, however technically it’s simpler mentioned than finished.

Soft Forks

Unlike a hard fork, a soft fork is completely cool with the brand new adjustments and retains working. The outdated model accepts the newer model. Harmony! The newer, up to date blocks turn into longer, and it turns into apparent that the older (shorter) blocks are out of date and unusable. This recognition eliminates confusion over which protocol is now the actual deal (it’s the newer, legitimate one.)

When a soft fork is carried out, there needs to be a “majority vote” on whether or not to just accept it into the established fold. If not, the brand new soft fork fails, and the remainder of the chain merely goes on it with its life with no interruption.

Hard-and-soft forking may cause every kind of unintended penalties. When members of the Ethereum community rejected a hard-fork change and determined to maintain going with the non-forked model of Ethereum, that old-school system was renamed Ethereum Classic.

When Bitcoin hard-forked in an effort to add extra performance, a portion of the Bitcoin Cash community was left behind and was reduce off from the rest of the community.

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