Spiritual societies

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They are highly affluent societies. I am aware that I will get some criticism when I say this. You will say that “most of the western society is atheist. He has no spirituality but how does his welfare level get higher than us? We are more spiritual than them, but our welfare is lower than them. "

Because we misidentify spirituality. We view spirituality as formalism. However, spirituality is the sum of abstract concepts. The 5 lira ring you buy from a loved one is a spiritual ring. If a person is moral, acts fairly, is honest, does not steal, then he is a spiritual person.

 This topic is that clear. Unfortunately, we have become a formal society. If there is anything more to worry about than dollars, this is it. More than economic collapse, there is social moral collapse. Economic markets or the level of prosperity are simply a mirror reflection of the spiritual level of the society.

Markets do not change before society changes. If we want social welfare, we must first be a moral person ourselves. It is necessary to overcome the problems between the servant and the servant instead of making gossip between God and the servant.

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Problems are less than telling each other

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Thanks for sharing it’s a good one

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