Gene Therapy

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Supporting Questions

  • Research on the various forms of gene therapy. How are they done?

  • What are the recent developments in gene therapy?

  • Stem cell treatment has been a subject of debates since the early 21st century. What do you think about the current developments in stem cell treatment?

  • What health condition do you think urgently needs to be treated by gene therapy? Justify your answer.

  • Do you think the average human lifespan will change 20 years from now? Why or why not?

Based on what I’ve search from the google search engine that these gene had two types depending on the cell treated.

Germ-line gene therapy which involves the genetic modification of germ cells or the origin cells that pass on the next generation. And the somatic gene therapy which manipulated the genes in the cells that will be helpful to the patients but not inherited to the next generation.

Gene therapy will might we use to prevent and treat the illness in the future. It allows the doctors to treat a disorder by putting a type of genes into the patient’s cells.

Stem cell treatment has a big help in the field of medical, stem cells are capable to treat or replenish the deceased neurons. And the treatment could be extended the other injuries, stem cells can replace the damaged cells by chemotherapy to fight some various diseases like cancer, heart failure.

There are a lot of variety in gene therapy which needs studies and development such as tumor suppressor, suicide, antiangiogenesis, an inflammatory cytokine, and micro‐RNA genes. The next progress concerns new vectors, such as oncolytic viruses, and the synergy between viral gene therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

The stem cell is a huge help to fulfill the decreasing neurons that chemotherapy effect. Cancer is the main problem and one of the most killing diseases in the time of the 21st century.

Cancer cells don’t have any cure except for the method of chemotherapy. But there is a lot of problem in chemo and we need to find another way of cure to fight the fatal illness.

Since microbiology exists, I can say that people would have a life extender because of the gene which came from microbiology. But if the people don’t care for themselves. They will be decreased the life span of the human being.

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