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A simple realization.

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1 year ago

As I observed, worst system could transform the good ones sinisterly. I want to bring this thoughts to everyone and ask ourselves. Why we have a bad leaderships and corrupted mind? Should we blame the person because of its influence? or might we stand in the wrong foundations?. And lack of knowledge to take a look for both a perspective in our society and how to construct a formally solution?

Take moment to reflect.

The issue: as long as their is a bad system. It simultaneously give birth to the evil works.

The questions: how can we address this corrupted system to stop giving birth?

The example: take a moment to imagine a group of fruits and all of these fruits are healthy. But because of the bad surroundings and lack of good nutrients, because of wrong decisions of it's source ( the system ). it falls out and turn all the good fruits into nasty smell.

The solutions. We knew that we have our own political identity that derives our emotions to become more aggressive rather than to become more skeptical to our actions(thinking beyond thinking and benefits of it or possible outcomes) and be rational in terms of problem solving. The only thing that we can do is to reform our own system and re-evaluate our fundaments. if the statistic tells about how it damage the people and the trust. It's time to changes the fundaments and changing won't cost any trouble but it leads everyone to starting put a trust, promoting good beliefs, preventing the corrupted minds, and be beneficial to everyone who wants changes in reality. Thus, it will flattered the curve and stop giving birth of bad governance. they will force to re-allign in good shape. If we wanted to be in the good shape.

Additional: History won't have a huge part if it cost many lives and poverty. past should be used as a stepping stone to scope the future problems and to learned what strategies should be implement to address the needs of everyone and the society. Soc med won't help but put eagerness to fight one another.

The barrel: lack of unity, low of comprehension, lack of empathy, famewhore, one-sided, and media manipulation.

There is a two person in this world.

"Who wants changes" vs "Who wants to change"

The conclusion: there is no enemy nor oslaughting the other side with ego based principles. It won't help to bring prosperity and knowledge which needed to achieve the goals in the future. Let's bring back the humanity and promote awareness. Be skeptic for its information that you gather. Be responsible for your words and actions. If you are one of the influencer. Promote goodness rather than hatred for one another. Might the sun rise again in our land. And called it "MAHARLIKANS".

"We don't trust others because we don't trust ourselves" - Cain "PoW"

"But if we trust on the process, we will have the word success" - Hiecho

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Written by   175
1 year ago
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