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Share your battle - Weekly Challenge! MANTOID

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10 months ago

On the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! we have the MANTOID, one of my favourite cards.

Ohoho! Santa is here! Bringing victories for my Mantoid. I like this card as it has decent Life and the Snipe ability let me clear the back of Magic users and archers quite quickly.

Look at this beautiful game, where the Mantoid alone did the job and it was bringing the food on the table. I mean the DEC on the deck. I mean, you understand me, i will just show you the game.

Enemy was faster and had more cards, but unlucky for him, the Mantoid killed his last two position with one hit (2 Life baby!). I have also balanced the battle a bit countering his speed with my Creeping Ooze, and finally, i added one more goblin assasin to my goblin team.

End of the game, predictible, me, the weak team. Not so week anymore. Plenty of life and return damage is a good combo. Just take a look at both teams:

Not to mention, that today i had finally reached the Bronze II, after upgrading my Pyre summoner to level 2. which means: guess right, seven, yes, SEVEN season rewards. And before i finish, did I mention that the Mantoid is a neutral card, and it can be used on amlost every combination (but i found Earth and Fire splinter to be quite lethal when this card is added, even if it costs 6 Mana).

If you like the game , click here to register. Heck, send me a message, i may even help you with your progress now and then.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and keep winning on Splinterlands!
G. is out for now.


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Written by   44
10 months ago
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