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Just another day in the Crypto-world

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1 year ago

A lot of things happened around in such a short amount of time. Let's check the latest news.

  • DEFI space got over 1 million ETH addresses right now, compared with 91k one year ago, so it increased tenfold (x10). But they are not single users as many may use different addreses for different platforms. I must to admit, i do that too.

  • Steve Wozniak (you know, the other Steve from Apple, not Jobs, the one you did not here about) is all in to launch a coin aiming to, (quote) ''incentivize users to fund energy efficient projects with the promise of tokenized future savings'' (close quotes). The name is WOZX, search for it if you are curious. You may never know where is your moonshot.

  • Indian authorities may treat Bitcoin as a speculative bussiness and infrequent transactions as capital gains, going in for 30% tax. This is also what experts advice average person to declare it, filing Bitcoin returns as capital gains.

  • Metamask got a malicious Google ad, i already wrote about this last week in this article: Apparently is still actively promoted, so be careful when you download any wallet, as usual.

  • Oops, i did it again! Hard Protocol was $0.93 last time i checked, i had some mined when it was $0.23 and i sell it at $0.53. Too early as usual.

  • European Union is not happy with Facebook Libra rebranding move, check this article for a fun read: On top of this, there is already a fintech startup in London who launched a token called DIEM long before Facebook. Come on mates, just ask for 10-20 millions and sell that start-up to them. Make them pay.

  • Bittrex exchange stated to offer tokenized stocks such as Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and NETFLIX. More than a dozen stocks waiting for you to use crypto in order to be exposed to Wall Street whims. A risk within a risk within a risk (Translation: what can go wrong? Share market, crypto market and exchange platform?).

  • Alexander Vinnik was jailed in France for 5 years, for stealing identities, facilitating drug trafficking and helping money laundering. He is the one involved in the ransomware Locky and he was acquited for 13 of the 14 offences he was accused of. In the end only the money laundering stayed up. He also paid 100k Euro in fines. Which is sad and funny in the same time, as he apparently managed a 160 million dollar fraud scheme. 5 years for that, not bad at all.

  • A NFT card on footballer Mbappe just sold with more than 66 thousand dollars inside the blockchain game Sorare.

  • MicroStrategy want to buy another 20.000+ Bitcoins to add to the 62.000 BTC they already hold. They also bought domain and rerouted to the company's website. Cool BTC promotion, nothing to say about it.

  • If you didn't know, you can now hire Santa on the HireSanta website using Bitcoin. If Santa cannot smell a real deal, nobody can!

  • And of course Winklewoss brothers, they couldn't miss this long list, they just lost 2 Youtube accounts as a hacker got control of them, related to Gemini exchange, and they use them (normally) for crypto related scams. Want to find more? Send me 0.1 BCH and i will send you 0.2 BCH back (obviously you got the joke, right?).

  • Oh, and almost forgot, OMG Network was sold to a Genesis Block Venture company, based in HK. You know them, OMG, ''Thousand of transactions per second for 33% on the price of the same transaction on ETH'' guys.

And now i am still waiting for BTC to reach 20k. Wake me up when it is done, please!


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Written by   47
1 year ago
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