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Just another day in Crypto-verse

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1 year ago
  • It is official, Bitcoin just went through the 20k mark, all the way to $20.700. This happened exactly 3 years after the all time high from 2017, and now people are wondering if there is more to come? Or as Ryan Selkis put it ''it's a bad day to be a Bitcoin bear''. In 2017, the altcoins surge followed shortly after. Will this happen again? XRP and LTC outperformed BTC actually, and British investment firm Ruffer decided tyo buy $744 million BTC , moving away from gold. What is not surprising? Coinbase experiencing connectivity problems when all this happened. Yes, they did it again, really!

  • MassMutual life insurance giant got also 100 million dollars in BTC, adding a 5 million dollars equity in NYDYG (If you lived under a rock, like me, then you need to know that NYDIG is a leading financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin).

  • Singapore-based bank DBS officially launched their own cryptoexchange, and this will be operational next week, trading SGD, USD, HKD and JPY as fiat, and BTC, ETH,BCH and XRP as crypto.

  • You heard of Lil'Yachty, the rapped who just sold 25.000 of his own social tokens to his fans, with 15$ each, netting a nice $375.000. He promised ''experiential access that no one else can get''. Good to be one of his fans, i believe.

  • BNC research pointed out some of the biggest risks for the DEFI market. First should be the scalability, with ETH2.0 not so close, and a network congestion danger could hit us any time. Second, smart contracts and their relation with the price oracles, expecially with later ones failing to deliver data as quick as needed. There is also the poor design, overconfidence in using other platforms than your own, developers lacking financial illiteracy and regulators trying to shutting them down altogether.

  • Funny news, Visa and Mastercard stopped their collaboration with Pornhub, and the mentioned website is now using only cryptocurrency. Will this bring new people into crypto? For the right or for the wrong reasons?

  • David Sonsebo, Iota founder, was ousted out by his own foundation board of directors. Will he do a Steve Jobs move, or their will become some thing of the past, diverging from the initial vision.

  • IRS repositioned the crypto-question at the top of their 1040 form, and it is worded like this: ''At any time during 2020, did you receive, sell or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?''. This being done, you cannot ignore it anymore or pretend that you did not see it right now. Meanwhile, in Russia, Vladimir (Putin) required all the Russian public officials to declare their cryptocurrency holdings. In London, Coinflor and Luno flooded the Tube with billboards and posters related to Bitcoin.

  • AAVE is launching AAVEgotchi (GHST), an ETH blockchain game where your avatar is the DEFI collateral, but also can be leveled up, customized and used for battling other people avatars.

  • CEO of Nexus Mutual, Hugh Karp, had somehow given to a hacker remote access to his computer and after having his Metamask modified, he sent an 8 million dollars transaction to the hacker account. And silly me, who was thinking that Nexus Mutual is a company managing the risk in the DEFI market, insuring against crypto-hacks and other risks.

  • Many Bitcoin maximalists, experts and educators warned the common gent that you do not own the BTC you buy on Paypal, some going even further and calling the Paypal buyers ''second class citizens''.

  • And a little Christmas gift for you, use the code 'sorry-20' on LBRY website for 20 LBC reward. Thank me later.

I will stop here right now, and i will wish you a beautiful and enlighting weekend.

Yours truly, 



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Written by   47
1 year ago
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In the future, children will learn about 16.12.2020, when BTC went over 20k

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