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BlockFi as a hiden gem - good interests and rewards

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1 year ago

I like Blockfi, even if i am a huge fan, because it has some major advantages, especially if you are good with numbers. Let me explain each of them. 

1. First, if you worry about safety, BlockFi is supported by Gemini, Winklevoss twin brothers enterprise. Both of them early investors in BTC, with enough money to back their business without the risk of rug plug or something similar. 

2. They got a trading button inside their up. If you are a experienced trader, you can easily change between Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins when the market goes up and down. 

3. If you do not want to invest in a native coin for extra interests (like in the case of Celsius or, the interest rates on Blockfi are superior to Nexo and and just lightly under Celsius ones. If you are a Bitcoin maximalist or Ethereum believer, this is the right place for you. 

4. You can choose the coin you want to be rewarded, and at the end of the month, your interest will be paid in that specific coin. If it is on Blockfi list and you are waiting for it to go to the moon, why not get some more on the way. 

 5. You can have access to your crypto anytime, and just transfer it away if you need it. They are not frozen like in case.

So there are five distinct advantages. What about the disadvantages, you may say? I would like to say there is none, but there is one. In fact two, if i am counting stars. 

1. You are paid once per month, so you will not benefit for compound as much as in Nexo case (daily), or even Celsius (weekly). 

2. Second, if you are to invest in the native coins, such as CEL from Celsius, then the interest is much lower. But if you consider buying some other coin for 20% plus of your portfolio a hassle, then this doesn't count. Some are just too aware of this issue, as native coin CRO dropped a massively 65% and nobody could sell it right away because it was still staked for months to come. So, this could be an advantage, in fact. 

Even more, until December 31, 2020, there is a campaign rolling, where every user that i refer will get $50 when they deposit $350 or more after registering. These are the easiest $50 in Bitcoin you can get, as long as you keep the deposit in there until January 31, 2021. Just go to Blockfi using this link, deposit 350+ in there, and added bonus to your interest, you will have $50 in your account by 31st of January. 

(I will be pleased if you use my referral, but you will get the $50 as long as you use any referral anyway. Not using a referral will not give you any bonus.)


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Written by   47
1 year ago
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