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Pay attention that today I am going to tell you the story of Nikola Tesla. Story number #001

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Our story begins in Smiljan (today present-day Croatia), on July 10, 1857, the day Nikola Tesla was born.

From a young age his family noticed that he was special, being just a child, Tesla disassembled, improved and built new electrical devices, growing up he realized where his vocation was and studied electrical engineering at the University of Graz but could not pass the third year.

Two of his uncles collected all his money and in 1880 they sent him to Prague so that he could study at the university.

But they did not let him enroll because he had not studied Greek or Czech before and also the enrollments had already passed and Tesla again dropped out of school.

A year later he gave up his dream of finishing university and ended up living in Budapest working for the telegraph company.

There he began to develop his first inventions and began to amaze his supervisors with his ideas.

Then he went to Paris with many recommendations, there he worked at the "Continental Edison Company".

Tesla was accused of being eccentric, he claimed he saw the future, and he had premonitory dreams, like when he dreamed that his mother died and when he woke up he found out that he had indeed died.

One day his former boss sent him to New York to present himself with a letter to Thomas Alva Edison himself, the letter said, "I know two great men, one is you and the other is the young man who carries this letter," and so the two great geniuses met.

The young Tesla began working for Edison solving some problems of his company, after a few months everyone admired Nikola Tesla, they knew they were before a genius, Edison noticed his talent and one afternoon called him to his office.

He said he would give him a $ 50,000 bonus if he could redesign the inefficient power generators that were used at Edison's company.

In 1885 Tesla succeeded and incidentally made Edison make thousands of dollars, Nikola happily approached him but when he asked about the voucher, Edison scoffed at him saying he did not understand American humor.

Then he asked for a $ 7 raise, which he also denied, and then disappointed Tesla quit Edison's company, unaware that his worst time was yet to come.

But Edison was happy to get rid of that boy he saw as a rival.

But everything went wrong for Edison, even though Tesla ended up working as hard as he could to survive, he even spent time digging ditches

After his dismissal, Nikola Tesla founded his own company, and would face Edison directly.

Tesla thought that in the future you could live with renewable energy, dreamed of lighting up the world of and bringing free energy to all corners, Edison only dreamed of making money at whatever cost.

Soon both geniuses were going to face a duel so exciting that today it is known as the war of the currents.

Edison was promoting the direct current, and Tesla was investigating about another type of current (the alternating current) There are people who say that Edison was afraid (and envious) of the genius of Nikola Tesla and often sabotaged him and used his fortune to discredit him.

One afternoon, Tesla's lab mysteriously burned down after Edison found out that he was working on investigating a reverse current to yours.

Tesla lost all his work and progress in that fire.

In summary and explained in a very simple way, Edison's direct current needed a generator (which he sold) every few meters, and the installation was very expensive.

The Tesla Alternating Current works as if you covered a hose with your finger, despite the fact that there was little pressure, the water would go further, because the same but with energy.

It was cheaper, and less expensive.

Edison was afraid of Tesla's genius, and that's why he used everything to win the war of the currents, even hiring thugs to beat Nikola.

But the worst was yet to come, to show that Tesla's alternating current was dangerous, Edison publicly electrocuted dogs, cats and even an elephant (There is a video of that)

His strategy worked and many cities hired Edison to install their direct current machines but Tesla did something that nobody expected, he was exposed directly to alternating current, the energy went through his body and Tesla ...

He was unhurt, absolutely nothing happened to him and Edison was ridiculous.

The end came when they both showed up to compete to light up the Chicago World's Fair, they both presented their project, but before deliberating, Edison approached the organizers and told them that Tesla was a mad scientist and they chose Nikolas after that. Tesla...

But there was a problem, and that is that Edison had patented the light bulb, and he was not going to let his enemy use it, Tesla had won the contest but had no way to light the fair.

Tesla then invented a new light bulb and manufactured all the ones he needed in less than 6 months, by the time he filled the end of the fair the world was amazed and little by little the alternating current began to be used more and so Tesla won the war of the currents.

So why did the world forget Tesla for so many years and soar Edison?

Well, because Tesla did not represent money

He thought in the long term, he wanted to build a hydroelectric plant in Niagara Falls and thus obtain and give free energy and that was his downfall.

The world always thought and thinks in the short term, in obtaining profits and results soon and not in leaving a better future, instead Tesla not only thought about the future, he dreamed and wanted to change the world for good, he even worked and developed a method of electricity without cables.

WIRELESS !!!, the fucking genius wanted the electricity to be wireless, but in the absence of immediate results, he gradually lost sponsors.

Tesla said that he could not only transmit electricity wirelessly, but also audio messages, and even images with sound, but nobody believed in him.

Tesla also discovered and worked with what we later came to know as "X-Rays", he started working on weapons that shoot lightning (like the ones in Star Wars).

Tesla invented the remote control before the world knew it would need it, invented the spark plug that makes today's cars ignite, created STOL planes, the turbine without vanes, and experimented with waves to transmit messages from one place to another.

He was able to win the Nobel but Marconi earned it for the invention of radio, Tesla said that the invention belonged to him but no one paid any attention to him, later it was discovered that Marconi used 17 Tesla inventions to create it and today Tesla is recognized as the inventor of radio.

In 1915 it became known that he would share the Nobel with Edison but Edison said he did not want to share the award with anyone and again Tesla ran out of Nobel.

And little by little Tesla was falling into oblivion, seeing how the USA Edison was given the title of the best inventor of the century.

Finally in 1943, he died alone in a hotel room at the age of 85.

The FBI collected all the papers with blueprints for inventions and Tesla's investigation.

Until today they are still missing.

But, there is a small hope and that is that today the world begins to recognize and inquire more about Tesla.

So perhaps your dream is not yet dead.

The end.

Story number 001

I hope you liked this story, it is my first story of many for you.

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Written by   155
2 years ago
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