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Why the truth it bitter.

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1 year ago

Truth be told, truth unmarks bitterness. In this captivating article I'm going to write about what I experienced and what I have learnt from it. Sometimes you wished you had something that you liked the most but you are unable to get it... Why is it so hard to attain some grades whiles you see others getting the grades easily...why is it that people do not trust these online way of making money but others do.., why is it that some people we know unexpectedly become rich and we are still trying to get there but to no avail,..why is it that sometimes you wished what you did in the past shouldn't have been done this way ,.all these are some of the things you are thinking about generally. We are humans and we ought to think this way...

There was one time a friend of mine introduced me to an online Bitcoin mining site, without any hesitation I signed up and used about 40$ in mining bitcoins, not knowing my Friend wanted to bring my downfall... The money I used everything just vanished in a twinkle of an eye. Hmm the experience made me realize how some friends are. He was also scammed so he wanted someone to feel the pain he felt when he was robbed online of all his money... sometimes this memory comes all over again trying to drive me to something 🤔😐,...the bitter truth is to trust no man in all you do and you have to listen more and talk less.

I had another encounter with a friend. Sometimes you will just be there and say"are these friends at all". Do you know what he did to me? You will be surprised. He teamed up with robbers to come and Rob me of my money I won from a lottery.. guess what the plan was successful. They took my car,the money I won....about 230$. That day , man must cry. I was very disappointed at what my friend did due to sheer greed.. WHAT A FRIEND I HAVE!. I was actually going to give him something from what I won and see what happened to me😐. Very sad... right.... Some friends have no shame at all ..

My uncle bought me a new phone from China and I showed it to my cousin.He suddenly changed his attitude towards me. 😶 I realized he wasn't the cousin I Know him to be... He was showing a rude attitude towards me and after seeing all this, I gave the phone back to my uncle, giving excuses as to why I gave it him. Well at least it solved the problem . This has really gotten deep into my mind as to why are some people like this . They only want to see your downfall.

This experience is the most tragic of them all. My Friend wanted to kill me .......! All because he has been hearing rumors that I have been with his girlfriend.😶 What a fallacy.. i myself, I didn't know her that much, she was once a classmate of mine and I decided to take her out. I didn't even know he had something to do with her. As we were at the mall, he saw me with her walking around, he then followed us... When we were done with shopping we decided to pass by another classmate's residence. When we got there, she and I entered the house and he got angry,.....took his gun and also entered the house. To his surprise, he saw my former classmates and I in the living room and we all saw him with the gun, surprisenly I asked why he was having a gun with him and he said he saw his girlfriend with me so he wanted to kill me.....😐 Wow what a friend..!

The bitter truth ......there are people who see you differently and some tend to like you, others pretend to like you, and some just hate you for just no reason at all.... Just because someone is striving in life doesn't mean you should conclude by saying he is bad person or ... I'm your labrat....... I have come to realize that in life what you do for some people is still not Enough for them, they want all of what you have so they find means of getting it.. I have also learnt to think twice in all what I do... ..

I hope you learn from this article.

Thank you.

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Written by   305
1 year ago
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