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The struggle is real

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2 years ago

The crowing of a Cockerel in the morning wakes people up. Being diturnal, working tiredlessly, making amends in getting the plans for the job ready. Taking a bath and having my breakfast. This is definitely an experience.. "The struggle is indeed real".

Dear users,.. I'm very delighted to be given this platform to express my experience on the caption.."The struggle is real". Suscribe, like and comment. Thank you!

As I board the car to work. The market as usual was very busy and tiring for others. The cartpusher trying to push the barrow, with sweat pulsively flowing throughout his body but still took the courage to move on. Well I was watching to see what he will do next. After delivering the goods for a customer, I heard another individual shouting,....'Cartpusher! Cartpusher!! Cartpusher!!!'. He then heard and immediately took to his heels to his next customer. To my surprise, the goods were pretty bulky and heavy but the cartpusher went on to carry the loads.

With sweat running through his whole body. I could see his spine protruding as he took the loads to convey into the customer's car.

After that I got out of the car I boarded to meet him and talk with him.

Never give up!!!

I asked him how he was able to do all this seeing how heavy the load is. He said "this is what I eat from. I earn using this means and as such I must work to earn the money for my daily bread".

He also added" this is the only job I can get for now and in all, I must make ends meet". Well upon hearing this I was very sad for him. Well I gave him 20$ to try and manage it. "Thank you!" Says the cartpusher. Well I concluded by saying 'you are welcome'.

The struggle is indeed real.

Watching a woman under the sun selling, walking about with a baby behind her back. "Baby! Under the sun!". Walking around to sell her vegetables and fruits. To my observation, the fruits were stale making it very difficult for people to buy.

I was very sad for her especially with the baby on her back and the heavy load placed on her head.

She went to buy food as small as a morsel and she gave it to her baby.

I asked her, why won't you breastfeed her. She replied by saying "I have no breast milk". This is tragic! Well According to my observation, she looks unwell and malnurished. And because of that she couldn't breastfeed her son. Well, I bought some food for her to bring back her strength.

Sometimes in life, we all struggle to make ends meet. Life is not easy. When we are caught with a challenge we ought to face it. When we face it, we might have A lot of problems coming in and it might try to bring you down. "NEVER GIVE UP".

I hope you have learnt something from this article

Thank you

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Written by   307
2 years ago
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Yes your article is very useful. Life is so much hard. Yes when you have to do your challenge goodly but there is so many problem coming on your door. Thanks for your article.

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2 years ago