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The potency of greatness

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1 year ago

Hello fellow users. This is Herbert and I'm here to write to you yet an exciting article that will wriggle your feet. In this "in dept" article, I will pen down my thoughts about the caption "the potency of greatness". I hope this article will entice you to read more of my articles. Please don't forget to suscribe,like and share your views.

What makes us potent as individuals.

What makes us potent? A Friend of mine asked. He was kind of confused as to whether being potent is making on require a job or a 'business', or a local fighter to a boxer.

As humans, we have the potency to do so. But this is the question,

How do we make ourselves potent in all our endeavors??

Now let's dive in.

Time is an essential resource and as such shouldn't be taken for granted. In order for us to use our potentials to the betterment of us, we must manage time and make sure we are on schedule. And do stuff based on the time allocated for it. When we misuse our time, it will tend to make us weak, lazy and disoriented. Time just as people will say, is no respector of persons. Time doesn't wait for you. So you must move with time.

Sometimes during the day, you planned to do something to make it seem you are really in need of it. And in the end you procastinate (postponing) stuff. When time is used properly, we will all be successful and as such "a stitch in time saves nine".

"If you want to unleash that potentials in you, make time for yourself".


Hardwork is the key to
Making an individual build 
His or her potentials.

Yes of course. Hardwork can push the individual in building his or her potentials to make it worthwhile. When one is lazy, there is no way the individual will work. Hardwork comes with determination!. We as humans, are not perfect. That doesn't mean you can use that as an excuse. You can be "almost" perfect. Just be focused and work hard towards your dreams and you are done.

These two factors, time and Hardwork together when managed, can help you build your potentials.

Thank you for your time.

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Written by   305
1 year ago
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