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7 months ago

Hello guys. It's a long time I came to the site. I actually had alot of busy stuff to do. Writing exams here and there just to get myself prepared for the final exams. It is going to be tough though but with determination and the Prime factor,God everything will be possible. I think my inactiveness has sent me Into the blacklist of @Read.Cash and all my sponsors are also gone except @scottcbusiness and I am pleased that he understands my condition right now as far as my final exams is concerned. I would like the prominent individuals (source of direct contact to @Read.Cash ) like @MarcDeMesel @scottcbusiness and other people who can help to consult I tried doing it on email but he didn't reply to my messages.

Pls help. It seems my account has been locked and other people here too. They think the random rewarder has abandoned them😥😥😥😥.

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