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How community helped me to cope with the problems I faced this 2021.

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1 year ago

I was diagnosed with TB (Tuberculosis) last October, 2020. I got admitted for more than 1 month in hospital, that's why my bill went too high and my mother was forced to loan some money from her boss in taiwan, she was unable to send money to us for more than three(3) months because of it.

Tuberculosis was also the reason why I failed in first semester and became the reason for me to lose interest on studying. I can't focus on it and I can't absorb what my teacher are teaching because all that i have on my mind is that Im a failure and useless because im the reason for my family to struggle financially.

Since my mother are unable to send us cash for three(3) months, I didn't get any allowance which I use to buy my own food and other things before. That's why my anxiety was triggered since I don't have food that makes me calm when I feel stressed.

It almost gave me depression, but since my family supported me and told me that everything will be alright, I became motivated and the next day I searched for a website or app where I can earn some money since I don't do anything our house that time because Im still recovering, I found lots of it before I learning about, since a lot of people talks about how easy to earn on it, I became interested on trying it, at first I wasn't able to get anything from it, then I tried posting meme then people started following me and commenting on my post, saying thank you because it made them laugh, it also the reason why people started giving me a tip, I got motivated to post more of it because I can see that a lot of people gets entertained from it.

Until one day, I saw lots if people posting games like wheel of names, quiz and gussing game, a lot of people are participating that's why I tried doing it too, it increased my followers so I continued doing it.

I did it for almost three months and in that three months span,I earned enought money for my self and I knew lots of people who eventually became my friends, people whom I can share my problems, people who gives me advice and gives me a lot of lessons that made me realized that I could solve the problems I was facing that time, If I just believe on myself and that is what I did, I started doing my school activities again and I bacame more inspired because I know that there are people who supports me even though I don't know them personally.

Now, I already finish senior highschool and my family are starting to recover again, I thank those people who help me to cope with this problem, without them I might still figuring how I could solve it or I might never solve it by myself.

The real reward I got from noise wasn't the money I got from it but the people I knew from my three months journey in this platform, people who supported and never judge me for being me, the money I got from this platform was just a bonus. I will treasure this people forever and will have a special space on my heart.

I, Christian Blas (Aka Heneralluga) are sincerely thanking you all for being part of my journey.

If you think there was any flaw on this article or any thing that I should DO and NOT TO DO, what should I add on my next article, please correct me, I would love to be corrected by anyone, thank you.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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