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Pain free of the Past

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4 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

Hi everyone! Thank you again to all of you. Read and enjoy😉

This is the last chapter of the following articles:

  • My heartbeats....

  • My young heart falls....

  • My broken pieces ..

  • Love is like a battle field and your partner is your comrade,if you both fight you'll surely win. But if it is only you who is fighting,thats suicidal so you need to surrender before you got killed in the middle of it.

My broken pieces...can it be mend again?

Life is too hard to life just had an instant change. Change that will lead to something that was out of my expectation,change that is unplanned.

Pain,a feeling that im getting use of. I undergo in a medical treatment for my illness where needles punctures my flesh and i can feel the liquid forcing to enter in my veins that strack painfully,it abides to my blood with a forceful entry. How this things become just so normal? To feel pain become so normal?...

We fall to someone who lead us to to love them,yet lead us to be broken. And it's time for me to let go. Yes! I lose,I can't even fight , and I am injured.. my battlefield is over because my comrade leave me without even a warning. Now i am suffering from my physical and emotional injury. I know its not easy but i am sure i can endure this pain and this will be just my memory,memories that taught me lessons until to my very extent. Now,my life is in my hands it is on me if i will fight and will be a loser again..

My family,friends and everyone who loves me needs me,how can just one person will be worth it to kill myself. I will live again and stand again just like a soldier with many scars but become more stronger. I am in my stage of healing.. my battle in life is not easy, I suffer for almost 3 years and 4 months enduring all the pain,and financial stability. Every month I am confined for a week or so, the doctors and nurses are already my friends everytime they see me,they will just say "Hi!Charge yourself again?"...they think of myself as a mobile phone were i need to be charge everymonth in a week😁. In the hospital I encounter different patient,there's this young girl patient who has rush in the emergency room for the reason that she poison herself cause the person she love leave her with someone else,i can see in her state that she's determine to kill herself. Yet other oatient are fighting to live. It made me think,how love can make people crazy and sacrifice their life so easily because of the pain that they feel. I was on that state before,but i never kill myself even though i am fighting to live.

Now,i have learn to let go and let God do the favor to lead my life because he will surely not leave me no matter what.

My battlefield was over i am now in my field of freedom, I encounter death many times and i have many realization. I just want to be happy and cherish my every moment of it.

....This is how I experienced my first fall that happen years ago....

I forgot the feeling,but i never forgot the man...hahahahaha..


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Written by   16
4 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)
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