My Parents Abused Me When I Was A Child

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2 years ago
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Before starting the topic, I want you to know that I am not speaking in the first person, I want to speak about the subject because today child aggression is still experienced and it is a great social problem that I cannot let go of.

In my land, Venezuela, more than 20 years ago it was something very normal to see a father / mother mistreating a child, something that was common for society and accepted by the oldest ones, but nevertheless there were still grandparents who got into the fight because they could not tolerate seeing their grandson cry.

My grandmother Sara was one of those grandmothers who if she saw my father's intention to hit me, she would mistreat him first because within her maturity she had understood that child violence would not lead to anything good. Little by little, many families realized that they were raising rebellious children, children who were no longer afraid of beatings, children who did not care to miss school because they knew they would or they would not be punished and no one could get involved in that roll.


For my part, my mother always treated me with a lot of love just like my father but there was a detail, my father was very explosive with anger, everything bothered him, we felt unhappy to the point that we came to think that he did not love my brother anymore my. It turns out that we were too young to realize what was happening around us but we suffered the psychological abuse of seeing how I verbally abused my mother just because she served her cold food after a long routine.

As we were growing up, the dark spots became clearer, since the abuse was not physical with us but, it was psychological, my father had a wife outside of his marriage and that broke our souls but we could not do anything else, we felt free when he left home and we realized that without him life would become easier for us, my mother would cook less, wash less, work less and of course we would give him much more love.

Currently my father lives with the same woman who is now his wife and we, despite everything that happened, visit them, share and laugh together because we are still family. My mother assimilated everything and stopped suffering unnecessarily for a man who did not know how to value his love but that is what life is about, falling and getting up again.

This topic leads us to analyze certain points:

1. Do not allow child abuse

2. Do not practice child abuse

3. We must report child abuse

4. The panorama is not the same seeing it as a child as it is as an adult 5. Love that person who has been with you through thick and thin

6. Apprecate the effort your spouse makes to treat you well, take care of you and that you do not lack anything.

7. Let's practice love and not hate or evil 8. A child is not guilty of having come to this world to suffer, we must make life comfortable for him, with an environment full of love and prosperity.

9. Think that they will take care of us when we are old 10. They will want to do the same as we did with them

11. If you educate your child with respect and love, he will treat the people around him likewise.

12. Hate is fought with a lot of love

13. Teach your children to value the little we have because there will always be people who have less than we do.

14. Children are the future of our planet

15. Children have the right to love, loving parents, an education, and a life worthy of a child.

And here we could spend all day talking about good customs and the upbringing that a child should receive, but the most important thing is that we internalize that our children are not an instrument that has a user manual, no, they are a human being who will be ours. reflection of adults, that everything you teach him will mark his future for life, that if you taught him good, he will do good.

With this I do not want to get into their lives nor do I want them to believe that I am forming a pattern of how you raise their children, I just want us to value our children with all the right they deserve, fill it with love and never want to be separated from their Parents, that when they get married treat their husband or wife as their parents treated each other, as they treated their children, that's life. Tip of the day: Treat your children as you want to be treated as an old man. Observations: The content of my writing is totally written in my mind with the best intentions to make this world a better place, a livable place for our children and future grandchildren. PTTE. PEREZ SOLORZANO H.

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