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My name is Heiven Pérez, I am a Venezuelan military officer who wants to dedicate his free time to writing quality articles of collective interest. In advance I want you to know that I am a human being like everyone else, the fact of being Venezuelan does not imply that they exclude me from the groups or do not interest my publications.

I want to share with you many experiences, anecdotes and experiences of my life. Beyond all this I specialize in emotional leadership, I like to help people overcome difficult moments, I can help strengthen the mind and overcome moments of pain. Count on me for anything that is of collective good, I like the mystery, I am curious and I like so much to learn how to teach.

I want to have friends, not spam, I always comment on all the publications that I read and that interest me because it is a way to help the writer. Again I implore you not to see me as an enemy, on the contrary, see me as a friend. I want to help "I repeat."

I am the father of two beautiful children, my wife is with them at the moment and I have many things to tell. There are so many strange, good, not so good and painful things that I have been through that they would not believe everything I can get to know at my young age. You can do the math just by knowing that I was a premature father, at 15 years of age and from that age I opened a free path to my life.

That is why I help people to overcome difficult moments because I know what it is to go through them, I have slept on the floor, in the water, in the mountains, I have eaten until the ground but I would not want anyone to live what I lived in that sense. Let me participate that I will know how to compensate your support. Observations: I do not speak English, I must use a translator for writing, I apologize if I do not explain myself but I do my best.

Thank you! Ptte. Pérez Solórzano H.

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Interesting brother. you explained well about yourself. Keep it up btw, I think your account is in spam so now bot won't visit you.

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2 years ago

Thanks Friend, but I don't understand why they put me in Spam .. What's wrong? What can I do to correct that?

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