Do you love that person without knowing them and you don't know why?

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2 years ago

This is the reason why you feel so much love for that person that you do not know but feel that you knew them from somewhere:

In one of the past publications that I have written I spoke about a book called "Many Lives, Many Teachers", and it specifies the closeness that we have had in other past lives with a person.

Katherin was a very beautiful young woman who, like every woman, had her personal problems; problems that any young man could have but had a very special quality and that is that he could travel through his past lives through the therapy applied by Dr. Brian Weiss of hypnotic regression. Between one of her trips to the past she discovered that on certain occasions she was a man and mostly a woman

And this leads us to ask ourselves certain questions:

1- In another life could I have been a Woman?

2- In another life could I have been a man?

3- In another life I was rich

4- In another life I was poor

5- In another life I was white, black, Indian?


And many more questions and I will give you the answer: Yes, in other lives we could have been all of the above, although one of the teachers said: Paraphrasing: You will live as many times as possible until you learn what you must learn and repair in your other life what you have to repair.

Impressive right?

In short, the main reason why you feel so much love for a person that perhaps you feel that you do not know him is because in another life he could have been the love of your life, it was that person for whom you suffered for love or were so happy with she who simply took love to another plane and still do not know it. This is the main reason.


I remember that a friend "3" very close to me once told me that she felt that she knew me from another place but we had never seen each other and it was thanks to her that I immersed myself in the world of reincarnation that is nothing more than starting from new life after death, perhaps in another body, perhaps in an animal, in a bird, who knows?

The truth is that thanks to my friend I have learned so many things that every day I fall in love with the subject more and I do a little more research to share my experience with you. So when they feel that you know someone from somewhere but you don't know where they are from, you should think about what I'm talking about and you shouldn't feel afraid about it, on the contrary, you should feel excited to investigate a little more about that person, get closer, talk to them. because even tastes can be the same, that happened to me with my friend "3" who never got to know a person like me and who shared so many similar tastes to hers. Soon I will continue with more mystical stories of my life, if you like me, just give me a like and if you want to give continuity to my songs then, follow me and do not miss anything of what I publish.

Tip of the day:

If you feel down because you had a loss, fill yourself with strength and shout to life that you will continue and that it will not be able to fight your strength because the universe is with you and no matter how strong the pain is, you will not decay and you will move on.

Note: Nothing I have written is plagiarism, everything comes out of my mind and nothing is exaggerated.

Ptte. Pérez Solórzano H.

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2 years ago