Do you feel that everything goes wrong? There is something you are not doing right.

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If the answer is yes, come that I help you, that I will guide you because life is to be lived and you should not let them live it for you. Human beings have a complex of judging people by how they are, how they dress, how they act, how they do things and we never ask:

What happens?

Many times the person just needs someone to talk to, with whom they simply express their deepest feelings and want them to listen to them, who understand the situation they are going through. As a human being I feel that my duty is to help you, to guide you because helping is good and it does not cost anything, on the contrary you will earn a lot. You will simply win a friend with whom to share those difficult moments when you cannot go out and perhaps that person can be your savior. Let's listen more and judge less.

What do I get by helping that stranger?

Do not think that you are going to win, my parents when I was a child always told me to help and not to expect anything in return because we never know the situation that each person in this world goes through, however we can change their life with a word, with a fact, with an action and that is what matters. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how a person progresses with some of your help and although in his life he comes to appreciate it, your mind will say that you did the good thing and discarded the bad thing.

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Do good and don't look at who:

Many times we are blinded by negative feelings but we never appreciate the value we have for our neighbors, so you understand that I will explain it to you. The fact that you do not like a person does not mean that that person is bad, it is just that you have not taken the moment to meet them, to create a bond of friendship with which you can appreciate that person. Remember this, we are not all the same, we all have something different that characterizes us both physically and mentally but there is a trait that we cannot escape "We are Human Beings" and we usually have our faults as a person.

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What is normal and what is not?

Look, it is normal as human beings that we fall and get up, as when we were children we had to learn to crawl and then walk, before walking we fell many times until we mastered the technique to avoid falling.

What is not normal? It is not normal to fall and be thrown like a dish towel. That is not normal and this is where we have to act and as a parent help him up, not let him die on the ground. It is not normal for us as human beings to see our brothers suffer and do nothing, it is not normal.

What do you recommend me?

A personal recommendation is, help without expecting anything in return, if you helped someone forget that you helped but always remember who helped you because we will never know the effort that person made or is making to help you. It is my good advice.

If you want to continue reading a little more about my post, follow me, let's chat for a while, make friends and share a fun moment.

Greetings and many successes!

Ptte. Pérez Solórzano H.

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I want to support your writing with a proverb that I think is beautiful; Do good and throw it into the sea.

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This is my friend, thank you very much for reading my publication.

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